5 Top Media Server Software Options For Multi-Device Streaming

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There are several best media software options for multi-device streaming. With many paid streaming services, you often have to pay an upgrade fee to stream on multiple devices. Using media server software, you can access your content on various devices for free. This server software is perfect for tech users with their own personal library of TV shows, movies, music, and photo files. Once installed, you can sync your digital content to access your files from any compatible device. Whether you have a smart phone, tablet, or PC, there are many high-quality platforms to choose from. Read on to discover the best media server software options for multi-device streaming. 


First, Plex is one of the top server options to satisfy your multi-device streaming needs. With this platform, you can organize your personal collection of music, TV shows, movies, and photo files in one convenient location. In addition, Plex offers a Live TV feature where you can stream over 80 channels for free. They also provide access to over 14,000 on-demand films from various top production companies. They even have weekly top recommendations to showcase popular films you may be interested in. Whether you’re looking to stream on your smart TV, laptop computer, or gaming system, this platform is a great option to stream digital media files.


Next, Kodi is another great option to stream your media across multiple devices. This free open-source media player application allows you to store your media easily and play it through its user interface. Plus, it supports both Windows and OSX operating systems. You can also stream from Android, iOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi devices as well. In addition, this platform offers innovative features to enhance your playback experiences. For instance, you can create playlists and party mixes within your music library. This way, your favorite music is always ready for playback. Certainly, this well ensure you always have music to boost focus and improve learning. Surely, this streaming server software is perfect for users looking to stream content on various devices.


In addition, Emby is another media server software option to stream content on multiple devices. Like Plex, this platform is especially popular for its Live TV feature. Once you download Emby, you can stream Live TV to any of your devices. You can also manage your DVR and playback movies and TV shows from your recording library. In addition, you can install the web-hosted application, Ombi if you want to share your personal library. You can link this web app to your TV and DVR tools for a seamless experience for your end users. Using this application, your shared users can request content by themselves. Once they submit the request through the website, Ombi matches it and sends it to your DVR app. Then, your DVR retrieves the content and sends it through to Emby. With the media server software, you’re sure to make your DVR sharing easier and more enjoyable across your devices.


Moreover, you can install Jellyfin to stream your film and audio content on your devices. Like other platforms, this free media server software offers streaming live TV and DVR features. Currently, you can run Jellyfin in your internet browser, Android, iOS devices, and Amazon Fire TV. Equally, there are vast range of installers for Linux, macOS, Windows, and other platforms as well. As you stream across these devices, this platform works to ensure that you stay in control of your data. For instance, it doesn’t have any tracking servers collecting your information. Any data Jellyfin collects is only toggled on when you opt in. Often, this is mainly for crash logs, so developers can continue to improve the server software performance. Certainly, Jellyfin is a must-try media server to stream on multiple devices. 


Furthermore, Serviio is another one of the best media server software choices for multi-device streaming. With this free software, you can stream your music, video, and image files whenever you are connected to your home network. From TV, gaming consoles, to the best cheap smartphones, Serviio supports a wide array of compatible devices. Essentially, you don’t have to worry about the different transcoders that are necessary to play your media from different devices. In addition, you can also stream content from online streams, RSS feeds, and other web sources. With so many device and content options, Serviio is surely among the best media server software choices for your home theater.

There are several best media server software options for multi-device streaming. For example, Plex offers many different live streaming channels and on-demand films to watch on your TV, laptop, or gaming system. Next, Kodi is another great option to stream and share your content. In addition, you can install Emby for a highly customized user experience even as you use different tech devices and share your media. Moreover, Jellyfin also supports many different devices without collecting your personal data. Furthermore, Serviio allows you to stream content on your devices from a variety of sources. Consider these options for the best media server for multi-device streaming.

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