5 Best Live TV Streaming Networks Canadians can Enjoy with Help of a VPN

In recent years especially during the Pandemic era, the streaming revolution has significantly affected Cable TV viewing in the world. One of the reasons is the appearance of a number of the ever-increasing selection of streaming VoDs and live tv networks online subscriptions. These live and on-demand networks continue to shift consumer interest away from traditional media formats and subscriptions such as cable television. 

As per reports of eMarketer’s 2021, the Cable cutting trend in Canada seems to continue and it is expected that only 51.3% of households will be having cable tv by the end of 2021 reducing to 48.9% till 2022 and 46.7% in 2023

If you are among the many Canadians who are also intending to cut the cords and switch to streaming networks or Live tv online, this article is for you. Looking to stream the best of live TV networks on your day off?  

In Canada, we are home to some of the best content and shows, but not all are accessible due to geo-restrictions. Despite a lot of technological developments, there still exist virtual barriers when it comes to streaming content distribution regionally. 

Lucky for us, a VPN can unblock these geo-restriction barriers and can get your favorite content right here on your devices in Canada. When it comes to streaming the best of content with no holds barred, VPNs are the ultimate partners. They give you a secure browsing experience, along with unrestricted access to the content of any part of the world. Now that you’re sold on the purchase of a VPN, it is important to partner with a streaming service.

In this article, we bring to you the 5 best live TV streaming networks. Each of these options is accessible through VPN in Canada and we will mention the default reasons for picking each. Let’s get started:

  1. YouTube TV

Our top pick is crowned as PCMag’s Editor’s Choice for 2020. YouTube tv is not officially available in Canada due to licensing policies but a vpn can unblock YouTube live tv in Canada without any trouble. 

YouTube tv gives us live coverage of more than 85+ channels and is priced at 80.71 CAD (64.99$). Unlike Hulu, YouTube TV offers NFL and NBA live coverage. The subscription also offers up to 6 accounts and no storage limitation on the recording. 

YouTube TV contends to be the best pick in the market and is priced for value, in comparison to other streaming services. The price of 80.71 CAD includes no installment fee, no rental box fee, and no cancellation fee. It offers both the joys of live TV plus movies and TV shows.  

  1. ESPN+

If you’re a sports fan looking to stream the next UFC fight or a hockey match, this is the pick for you. The default reason for choosing ESPN+ is that it is for sports lovers. It offers a lot of shows that the cable version fails to, like MLB, NHL, Boxing events, tennis, and many other sporting events. 

ESPN+ comes at a simple price of 7.5 CAD (6$). Although it does not feature the NFL or NBA, it still covers other major events and is a great steal for sports fans. 

  1. Hulu + Live TV

This is a great money saver that will compel you to cut the cord (by that, we mean cable). Hulu + Live TV offers all the incredible features from Hulu and many favorite live TV channels like NBC affiliate stations, Fox, ABC, CBS, etc. It even offers add-ons for a specific type of channels like sports, entertainment, or Espanyol, etc. 

Hulu + Live TV costs around 80.71 CAD (64.99$) and its ad-free version is an additional 9.92 CAD (7.99$).  This bundle pack ensures all your streaming needs, be it movies, tv shows, sports events, or live tv, are fulfilled.  

  1. Apple TV+

Apple TV has roared into the market as a successful choice for live TV streamers. One key feature to note is that Apple does not house any old movies or cartoons. It is full of new releases and original productions. That also explains why Apple TV+ does not have a full-blown library of content. 

Even so, it features some dramatic shows and movies and is an excellent live TV streaming service. The monthly subscription of 6.2 CAD (4.99$) is a great steal. Some of its cons include a limited library and device compatibility (typical Apple). It is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and some smart TVs. It still offers great content in 1080p and 4K resolution. 

  1. Paramount+

This last pick is an exclusive choice that may not guarantee variety but sure has quality. Paramount+ is recognized more for its movies and TV shows than live TV. The live TV stream features all CBS affiliates like CBS Sports, CBS News, and their shows like Young Sheldon, Stephen Colbert’s Late-night show, NCIS, and many more. 

It has over 70+ newly added channels and it is priced between 6.20 CAD – 12.41 CAD/mo. ($4.99–$9.99/mo.). The 9.99$ tier is set for the Live TV stream feature. It features all content in 1080p.  


We may have listed the top 5 choices, but your pick depends on your choice of entertainment. Each of these streaming services has separate shows and channels for kids and adults. If you’re looking to stream events like NBA and NFL, YouTube TV is a great choice to go for. 

Do not forget to pick out a VPN that supports streaming sites. It is usually advertised on their pages which streaming sites are supported so you can check that out. Just make sure you do not opt for a free VPN. (They can cause some serious damage to your devices). In the matter of security, get smart and pay for it. Happy streaming! 

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