How to watch Hulu outside the US

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Hulu is an American service that allows for the streaming of the greatest. And the latest movies right to your device or TV. Its streaming library includes an entertaining selection of independent and blockbuster movies, TV dramas, documentaries, comedies, and so on. But, how do you enjoy if you want to watch Hulu in Australia to keep yourself busy?

To watch Hulu outside of the US, you will need to use the best Hulu VPNs. These come with unblocking features that gain you access since Hulu is geo-blocked for users outside the US. With a reliable VPN, the site will get tricked into thinking that you live within the American territories. It redirects the parts of your traffic that reveal your specific location without altering your IP address.

Some of the best VPNs to consider for unblocking Hulu include:

  1. NordVPN

The NordVPN allows you to unblock a wide range of content, including Hulu. By consulting the official NordVPN knowledge base, you get to understand the servers to connect to, along with other streaming services you can enjoy.

NordVPN is one of the fastest and offers airtight security due to its true zero logs policy and strong encryption. With a single subscription, you can connect to about six devices at a go. The app is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS.

  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has only a few servers that work with Hulu. The connections are stable, and the bandwidth is enough to stream Hulu shows, among other streaming services.

  • Surfshark

Sharfshark is another VPN provider you don’t want to ignore. It lets you access Hulu, among other streaming services from the US. You also benefit from 24/7 live customer support in case you encounter any problems.

The apps are available for Linux, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux.

How to watch Hulu with a VPN

To watch Hulu with a VPN, you need to sign up and download a reliable VPN that works with the same. And install the VPN app from the official Appstore or provider’s website.

Then, you should run the VPN app and select a server location that is capable of unblocking.

For android users, you have to log in to your VPN account and choose a US server. Then go to Google Play Store to change your current location to the USA. Once done, installing the Hulu app is effortless. You only need to sign up by filling in your basic information.

For iOS users, you will need to log out of your iCloud account, then create one that indicates the US as your current location. You can then install the Hulu app and readily access streaming services for your preferred content.

If you encounter any issues, you might want to tweak some of your device settings and clear your cache and browser cookies. Or reach out to your VPNs customer support.

Using free VPN to stream Hulu

While you might across a free VPN service that unblocks Hulu, you want to avoid free ones at all cost. These free app providers do not possess the relevant resources to alter their VPN server domains or addresses when blocked or blacklisted by sites like Hulu.

Also, most free VPNs are slow, meaning frequent disruption even compromised security.

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