What Is The Weight Of Your Samsung TV?

Your smart TV represents a significant financial investment for our enjoyment. It allows us to binge-watch some of the best series on the internet. It also allows us to transfer images on a large screen to view them. 

That’s why we must exercise caution while purchasing the best TV for our needs!! 

Too tiny a television will not provide you with the desired experience. On the other hand, a giant TV can significantly improve your watching experience. On the other hand, if you get a TV that is too large for you, it will be tough to relocate.

In this blog, we will tell you the Weight of a 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, or 75-inch Samsung Smart TV (in kilograms and pounds).

What Is The Weight Of Samsung TV? 

Samsung TV

The weight of a Samsung TV varies depending on the model and brand. The weights of several models are:

Samsung TV Model Weight in lbs Weight in Kg

  • 50 Inch 26.9 lbs 12.2 Kg
  • 55 Inch 38.1 lbs 17.3 Kg
  • 60 Inch 50.7 lbs 23 Kg
  • 65 Inch 52.2 lbs 23.7 Kg
  • 70 Inch 53.4 lbs 24.2 Kg
  • 75 Inch 68.8 lbs 31.8 Kg

Overview Of Weight Of Different TVs


In this table, we added the TV’s equivalent number of inches since size is an important influence on the final weight. 

Some models are listed below:- 

  • DYON Enter 42 Pro-X2: 42 inches & 7.8kg
  • Hisense 40AE5500F 40 inches & 5.5kg
  • LG 32LM6300PLA: 32 inches & 4.6kg
  • Philips 32PFS6805/12: 32 inches & 4.3kg
  • Telefunken XF32AJ600: 32 inches & 4.5kg
  • Samsung TU8079: 50 inches & 11.6kg
  • LG 49UN71006LB: 49 inches & 11.1kg
  • Telefunken XU50K521: 50 inches & 9.9kg
  • Grundig Vision 7: Fire TV Edition’ 50 inches & 11.2kg
  • Samsung TU7199: 43 inches & 8.3kg
  • Telefunken XF22G501V: 22 inches & 3.4kg

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Importance Of Knowing The Weight Of Your TV

The weight of a TV is essential for two reasons: 

  • Knowing where your TV will be placed/mounted for the first post-purchase box-wrangling and setup is essential.
  • Regarding TV stands, everything but the flimsiest will sustain almost any TV on the market.

What Wall Mount Is Required For Your TV?

A wall mount can sustain your TV if you intend to install it on the wall. You can look into numerous wall-mount companies, including OmniMount, Sanus, and Monoprice. 

  • The two decisive variables for what mount you can purchase are the size and weight of your TV. 
  • Every size/weight will have flush, tilt, and full-motion designs.

What TVs Are Mounts Meant For?

The most intriguing aspect is that mounts made for a specific size TV (say, 50 inches) can handle practically every TV of that size. As is, if you have a 50-inch LCD, you’ll be purchasing the same amount as someone with a 50-inch plasma. Most (but not all) mounts people use are built for 50-inch TVs and could support 125 pounds, significantly more than even today’s 65-inch plasmas.


Another typical rationale offered for why a lighter TV is preferable. You always need multiple people to unpack and move the TV from the store to your home.

Get some help unless you’re buying a cheap 32-inch TV. Even if the TV isn’t particularly heavy, the pressure and twisting you’ll apply to the frame and bezel is enough to damage the small wires that allow the TV to function. We’ve ruined TVs before doing nothing more than usual packaging and setup. Not dropping them, but just lifting them off the Styrofoam and setting them on a table stand.

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What Are Some Heavier TVs?

Plasmas are theoretically heavier than comparable-sized LCDs. They are about 36.5 per cent heavier on average. The heaviest TVs on the market today are LCDs!

What Makes A TV Heavier?

Most current TV makers employ a mix of gases such as argon, neon, and xenon. To create the display, these gases are combined with phosphor. Cerium is used inside to enhance colour and presentation. The housing and other electronic parts are made of plastics, tin, zinc, copper, silicon, chromium, and gold.

Large glass sheets are sliced into many pieces to make plasma displays. Electrodes and phosphor gas are pushed between two sheets of glass in most plasma panels. Between the glasses, the gas is wedged. To produce multiple colour displays, different coats of phosphorescent chemicals are applied on the back of the glass. Each pixel has one blue, red, and green phosphor chamber.

How Much Does A 50-Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh? 

About Samsung 50 Inch TV

The Samsung 50-inch smart TV includes built-in Wi-Fi. As a result, you won’t have to worry about it being too close to your router. Furthermore, it is tiny and would look great in any setting. The power usage is 59 watts.

This is, nonetheless, the norm. The maximum power usage rises to around 185 watts. This is normally when the television turns on or initialises. It is only available for a limited time. It then returns to its typical power usage of 59 watts.

Weight Of Samsung 50 Inch TV

Without a stand, the TV weighs 26.9lb. When a stand is added, the weight rises to 31.7lb. However, the weight of the goods when transported is significantly higher. It weighs around 39.7lb.

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How Much Does A 55-Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

About Samsung 55 Inch Smart TV

The 55-inch Samsung smart TV has an LED display. It consumes far less electricity than an LCD television. Furthermore, it does not heat up rapidly. Furthermore, the TV has considerably greater visual contrast.

As a result, you can appreciate what you’re seeing even if the screen’s brightness is a little low. To be able to do so, you would not have to always turn off the lights. Furthermore, despite its 55-inch length, it is incredibly sleek and slim. This design elevates it.

55-Inch TV Weight

The weight of the TV without a stand is 38.1 kg. However, with the addition of a stand, the weight is 48.5. Furthermore, the weight of the mailed goods will be roughly 61.9lb.

Samsung TV 50 Inch Comparison With Other TVs

  • Grundig Vision 7 – Fire TV Edition (55 VAE 70) 14kg
  • Samsung TU7199 (55 inches)- 13.9kg
  • Samsung QLED 4K Q70T – 18.9kg
  • LG 55 NANO 867 – 18.7kg
  • Sony KD-55XH8096 Bravia- 16.8kg

How Much Does A 60 Inch Samsung TV Weigh

About Samsung 60 Inch TV

This Samsung TV model has several features. It supports a direct Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, it features excellent sound systems. To connect to the internet, navigate to Smart Hub on this TV.

Additionally, with the applications platform provided by this 60-inch Samsung smart TV, you may watch all of your favourite apps. You may improve the colour of your TV if necessary. This is due to its extensive color enhancer mechanism.

The television can also assist you in three distinct languages: English, French, and Spanish. As a result, even if English is not your first language, you can effortlessly operate your smartphone. In addition, you may use this TV to reflect your smartphone.

60 Inch TV Weight

The weight of this TV varies depending on whether it is counted with or without a stand. The weight is 50.7lb without one. At the same time, the stand increases the weight to 60lb. However, the weight when sent is significantly higher. It weighs 74.7lb.

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How Much Does A 65-Inch Samsung TV Weigh?

Samsung 65-Inch TV Weight

The weight of the 65-inch Samsung smart TV varies depending on whether it is measured with or without a stand. The TV weighs approximately 52.2 lb on its own. When a stand is added to the image, the weight rises to roughly 60.6 lb. Also, when the vendors deliver the merchandise, the weight should be around 72.8 lb.

Samsung 65-Inch TV Features 

The TV features a fantastic quad-core processor with Wi-Fi integrated. It also has dimming technology. It can also be used to regulate movements. It also includes a Bluetooth connection. As a result, you have access to a wide range of functions with this television.

  • DYON Smart 65 XT 16.5kg
  • Samsung QLED 4K Q70T 22.3kg
  • Samsung TU7199 20.6kg
  • LG 65UN71006LB 13.7kg

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How Much Does A 70 Inch Smart TV Weighs 

About 70 Inch Samsung TV

Samsung created this huge TV to improve the watching experience. As a result, one of the key benefits of a 70-inch Samsung smart TV is its extremely fast processing. This improves the quality of all the shows and photographs you watch. As a result, it ensures that you get crisp images.

Despite having a large display, the design keeps it slim. As a result, high resolution is possible regardless of the viewing angle. As if that weren’t enough, this TV set includes not one but two voice assistants. You may use it with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

70 Inch Samsung TV Weight

The TV weighs 53.4 pounds without a stand and 54.5 pounds with one. However, the weight during delivery is about 75.4 lb. This is hardly a significant upgrade over the 65-inch TV, given the size difference.

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How Much Does A 75 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weighs

This TV set has a Quad processor to offer the most outstanding visual quality. It also includes an integrated Wi-Fi system. Everything it has to offer is also available in three worldwide languages.

The gadget weighs about 68.8 lbs without a stand. However, the weight of one is around 70.5 lb. If you look at the weight of the merchandise when it is being transported, you will observe that it is around 95.7 lb.

  • Philips 75PUS7805/12 33.5kg (without stand) 34kg (including the stand)
  • Hinsel 75UN71006LC 25.6kg Samsung TU719930.4kg
  • LG without stand) 27.6kg and 28.2kg (including the stand)

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Sometimes. The weight of the TV set might be related to its dimensions. However, larger screens often have better visuals and provide a better experience. So, you might claim that this is connected to quality in certain respects.

However, remember that weight alone is not an indicator of quality. Even with a significant increase in display size, some TV sets do not exhibit a significant rise in weight. On the contrary, if you want to assess the quality of your television, you should look at its features.

Lighter TV sets are popular since they are simpler to transport and freight. As a result, people find them simpler to deal with. Heavy TVs, on the other hand, require greater caution. Excessive tension can also harm any TV, and the size of the bigger ones may make you more prone to exert additional pressure on them.


Let’s now link the varied sizes of TVs to their weights. However, weight should not be the only consideration when selecting a television. Before choosing one, carefully consider all of the benefits and drawbacks.

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