RoamEO – The GPS Dog Locator

The U.S. based company RoamEO system developed a small GPS based location system for pets. The location system is made out of two components: a portable, handheld receiver used by the pet owner and a special collar used on the pet’s neck. The locator can track the pet up to a distance of about 1 mile and supply the owner with visual directions to its location. The locator is also equipped with a GPS fence function which can notify the owner whenever the pet strays outside a predefined area.

Currently the RoamEO system is designed mostly for dogs although the company is planning future versions for cat as well. The LCD of the RoamEO shpws information which includes the owners location, pet’s location, distance in feet, velocity in MPH, the direction the pet is heading, general compass, GPS Fence (if activated), battery life of collars, battery life of handheld unit, GPS signal strength, radio signal strength, and zoom scale. The RoamEO can control up to three units at a time.

Tracking systems like the RoamEO are not new. TFOT recently reported on the Loc8tor – a small RFID locator which uses tags which could be attached to any object (including animals and humans). Although the Loc8tor is more versatile it only has a range on about 600 feet. This difference in technology also influences the unit’s price – while the Loc8tor starts at around $100, the RoamEO will set you back a hefty $500.

More information on the RoamEO could be found on the company’s website.

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