New Stealth Hybrid Vehicle

The U.S. Army will soon start to evaluate the second generation Aggressor off-road Alternative Mobility Vehicle. The new version is based around a new diesel-electric hybrid engine with a unique battery-only operation, allowing it to switch into “silent mode” for reduced thermal/acoustic signature.

The first prototype Aggressor revealed in 2004 and built by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies was based on a hydrogen fuel cell technology. Although the first Aggressor never made it beyond basic testing the new version, although still being a pre-production model, might soon find its way into the dangerous roads of Iraq.

Although not as heavily protected as some of the other vehicles now roaming the streets of Bagdad, the Aggressor has its benefits. The vehicle can accelerate from 0-40 mph in four seconds (about twice as fast as other all terrain vehicles) and has a maximum speed of 80 mph. But speed is not the Aggressor’s strongest suit. When driving in battery-only mode the vehicle can operate in almost complete silence. The Aggressor will be able to perform reconnaissance and scout missions deep inside hostile territory while maintaining low profile both acoustically and thermally.  

The Aggressor propulsion system will be based on a JP-8 fuel-compatible diesel internal combustion engine but will be battery-dominant. Since fuel can make over a third of an army’s needs, cutting down consumption will allow US forces to operate further and faster while maintaining low cost as well as shorter (and less venerable) supply lines. 

More information on the Aggressor could be found on Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies website.

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