GPS Photo Finder

ATP, a Taiwanese manufacturer of Flash and DRAM memory modules, has recently introduced the GPS Photo Finder scheduled for mass production in 2008. This product is compatible with any digital camera and allows one to easily find the location in which a picture was taken. This portable photo accessory tags photos with GPS coordinates, providing a convenient way to track your trips with Google Earth and other applications so you will never forget where you where.

The GPS Photo Finder by ATP, which is scheduled to be displayed at the upcoming 2008 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, differs from other similar available products in that it is not limited to specific types of digital cameras, but rather is universally compatible with any digital camera using jpeg image files. Photos tagged by the Photo Finder can be viewed with any GPS compatible photo software, such as Picasa or Google Earth.

The device is also portable, making it possible to use without a computer. No software or hardware are required, as the Photo Finder automatically finds and tags images when the camera’s memory card is plugged into the device’s built-in card reader or USB port.

“The ATP GPS Photo Finder allows users to seamlessly tag their photos with GPS coordinates and find the locations at which the pictures were taken”, said Michael Plaksin, ATP Vice President of Sales, “With new applications such as photo-enabled GPS navigation around the corner, this technology will see significant growth in the next few years”. According to the company, the new gadget will cost around $125 when it is released.

TFOT has covered several GPS related innovations including a similar product named “GPS locator” demonstrated at CeBIT 2007 by the Taiwanese company Tekom and a small GPS based location system for pets developed by RoamEO. TFOT also covered the Xplorer GPS Smart shoe that tracks the wearer’s location and provides a history of their movement, as well as a new generation of GPS chips which will be cheaper and will have improved reception under difficult conditions.

More information on ATP’s Photo Finder can be found at the company’s website.

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