Top Five Programs Which Makes Student Life Easier

In recent years, the fastest growing technology makes the life lot easier. Nowadays students are also benefited due to this advanced technology. Imagine you are at home in the middle of the night while you are studying you faced a problem and you can’t solve it all by yourself, what will you do? Defiantly you will call someone or knock someone on your friend list in social media and hopefully, you will get the answer of that problem. All these are the blessings of science and the advancement of technology.

When I was a student I had to suffer a lot and gaining knowledge was tougher than now. Students can search anything on the internet and they can find their desired answer within a fraction of a second.

Now I’m going to give you a list of some of those programs that are making students life lot easier.

Microsoft Office

No doubt why I choose this program as a top program. It is because students need to do a lot of assignments and research papers and doing all these staffs Microsoft office makes the process lot easier. Now doing assignments students need less time. On the other hand, teachers can prepare their notes and deliver it directly to students via email which was previously impossible. For all these reasons I think this is the best program that really makes student life lot, easier and students should be grateful to Microsoft for it. Moreover, using MS Office you can also write custom essay easier than before.

It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Mostly it is free but if you want to use all the features then you need to buy the premium version of the program.

Adobe Acrobat

Another app which is very useful for students. By doing this they can easily read any e-book. I know there are many alternatives to this app nowadays. But trust me it has the simplest UI and offers the best possible service for editing pdf and cloud service which is very important for students to save some notes on the internet.

It is available for Android, iOS and Windows platform. Mostly it is free but if you want to use all the features then you need to pay the subscription fee for the premium version of the program.


Evernote is one of my favorite note-taking apps. It helps to organize all the notes that you upload on Evernote. The feature which I like most is the search feature and trust me it has the most powerful search feature compare to Microsoft OneNote and Apple Notes. You can also insert PDFs and PowerPoint slides that your teachers share with you. In a word, it will make your student life lot more organized and help you to remember working as a reminder

It is a free app and available on App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.


Are the one who is suffering much from completing the foreign language credit on your school. Then this is must have app for you as this allows you to practice more and spend more time on the foreign language that you need. Moreover, Duolingo makes learning foreign language lot easier and dare I say funnier! This app helps to translate any document that you need. Currently, this app supports Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish and Swedish. Hope someday you will be able to learn more languages!

It is a free app and available on App Store and Google Play.

Google Drive

Sometimes you may need to preserve your notes for a long time and for doing it people use different types of cloud storages. But most of them are paid apps. In that case, the simplest and safest way is to preserve them on Google drive which is free of cost and provide around 20 Gb of cloud storage.  I personally think it is more than enough for keeping notes only.

That’s why I think Google Drive is one of the best apps that make student life easier to a large extent. Because previously if a student lost his note he has to suffer a lot for that and preserving a note was very much difficult then.

It is a free app and available on App Store and Google Play.

In short, now student life has become a lot easier than previous and the scopes of doing good result have also increased. Although the advancement of technology many of our students misuse the blessings of science and technology, as a result, they failed to cut a good figure in the exam which is very unfortunate for us.

But as you are a sensible student I think from now you will try to utilize your time properly and will be beneficial by using these apps. Hope these programs will help you to make your student life easier. Don’t forget to comment us in our comment section to let us know your favorite app and you can also let us know if I have missed any useful programs that could be beneficial for students.

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