Understanding the Benefits of Microsoft Azure Consulting for your Business

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Microsoft Azure Consulting Services can help to take your business to the next level

It’s an understatement to say that the Cloud has changed the way businesses are run. Thanks to sharing platforms made possible by the Cloud, employees and employers can complete, share, edit and send documentation easier than ever before, without having to be in the same place or using the same devices.

The Cloud, also known as Infrastructure as Services (IaaS), allows sharing without printing, memory sticks or even emailing. Data and documentation saved within the Cloud are both secure and easy for authorized personnel to access. It means collaboration can occur even when employees are working remotely and are using their own devices. With the Cloud, the days of a set office desktop for each worker are behind us. 

This is good news for small businesses that, by encouraging employees to use their own devices and work from home, can save significant costs on tech and office space. Instead, business owners only need to pay an affordable monthly sum for their share of the Cloud. Running a business has never been simpler, smoother or more secure.

And Microsoft Azure is an example of the Cloud working at its very best. Along with platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure is one of the top providers of the Cloud.

This is why we’re here to run through everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure, including the benefits of this platform and how it can work for your business. Let’s take a look.

Microsoft Azure Consultancy and Transformation — creating waves for businesses 

As one of the most popular Cloud-based services available, there are plenty of reasons why businesses are turning to Microsoft Azure to help their organization reach new heights. 

Azure Cloud services can help to decrease IT ownership costs by minimizing the amount of tech you need to invest in. It also delivers fully scalable Cloud services for businesses of all sizes, which means that you only need to pay for what you actually use. This flexibility can adapt to your business as you continue to grow.

With Microsoft Azure, you’ll also enjoy full life-cycle support and consulting. This means you never have to struggle alone if you have issues with your business tech. 

Seeking out Microsoft Azure consultants 

With Azure, you can enjoy the power of more than 100 different services and solutions. This, as well as being highly useful, can also be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the program. That’s why you should consider seeking out Microsoft Azure consulting to help clarify the program.

Outsourcing to find Azure Consultants like Syntax can make using platforms like Azure much smoother and more rewarding. Having Microsoft Cloud experts on-hand means you can receive help with planning, deployment and services. Using Azure to its full potential can create an intelligent and highly cost-effective platform for your business. Azure has the power to greatly enhance business efficiency, increase productivity and drive growth in the long term. With the strategic advice and expert guidance of outsourced consultants on your side, you could potentially see your business transformed by what Azure offers. 

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the most effective Cloud-based application platforms available, both in terms of cost and use. It is primarily used for developing, managing and hosting applications and data. Azure offers a secure, safe and compliant platform in which data is stored, protected and easily accessed by the authorized personnel. This platform is physically located within Microsoft’s data centers.

Microsoft Azure consists of several different key components. These include:

  • The Microsoft Cloud operating system
  • Microsoft SQL Azure. This is used for running database services within the Cloud
  • Microsoft .NET services, which are used for developing and running various different applications

Seeking out Microsoft Azure consulting can help you make the most of what Azure has to offer, experiencing maximum benefits for your business. 

Services included Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services that can help make a business’s day-to-day operations smoother. Includes within these services and solutions are:

  • Server-less computing and high-performance computing
  • Ability to develop Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Virtual Machine deployment
  • Developing and hosting Hybrid Cloud app
  • A mobile app developing and hosting
  • Virtual private and dedicated networks
  • Using Dynamics and SharePoint as services
  • App development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Accurate analytics, including big data
  • Website hosting and development
  • Business Intelligence services
  • Data back-up and archiving
  • Disaster recovery

High-quality Cloud-based services like Azure make accessing and sharing important business data a far easier and simpler process. Seeking out consultancy to advise you through using Azure can help you make the most of the platform.

Microsoft Azure Consulting and Digital Transformation

For any business, time is precious. The idea of moving all your IT infrastructure onto a new platform can, therefore, be daunting, as it will inevitably lead to at least a short amount of downtime. However, the right Azure consultancy can help to minimize this transition period and offer maximum benefits once your infrastructure is up and running on Azure. With Azure consultancy, you can successfully migrate your business assets on-time and within budget.

There are several factors involved in this process. These include:

IT Audit

Azure consultancy can offer a complete and in-depth audit of your existing IT infrastructure, presented to you with a detailed report. This report will offer you a breakdown and how your IT could be improved with the migration. It will also clarify the process and cost of the process, both in terms of finances and time.


Microsoft Cloud experts can then work with you and your team to create an updated Cloud infrastructure for your business data. This is designed to meet your key business needs and challenges, improving on the previous IT infrastructure used by your business. This new model will be aligned to your business strategy. 

Pre-Migration Planning

As with any project in any business, meticulous preparation and planning are absolutely essential when it comes to getting your transformation completed smoothly and successfully. As such, Azure consultants can deliver a detailed plan of action which will ensure your business is fully ready to make the transition over to Microsoft Azure. This plan will also include a list of tasks that must be completed before the migration takes place. The right consultancy team will help you in completing these tasks before beginning the migration process.


Before the business can be fully transported over to Microsoft Azure, a consultancy can complete a series of pre-migration tests in order to make sure that the Cloud infrastructure is correctly configured. This will also test whether version-to-version application upgrades and migrations have bee completed, allowing all of your business data to be transferred with complete success.

After these tests have been completed, the transformation can finally take place. With the help of the right Azure consultancy services, you can enjoy a move over to Microsoft Azure both on time and within your budget. You can also take comfort that there will be minimal disruption to your business operations.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure consulting

Microsoft Azure consulting and managed services allow you to gain a better understanding of this highly useful platform, minimizing the transition period and maximizing the benefits to your organization.

With Microsoft Azure, you can both extend and transform your existing business IT, giving you more room for growth and flexibility in the long term.  As a growing collection of various integrated Cloud services, Microsoft Azure delivers a range of features that can help boost both the productivity and security of your business.

From analytics and computing to database, networking, mobile, storage and web, Microsoft Azure allows your business to move faster, save on costs and simply achieve more.

Azure consultancy is the best way to get to grips with all that this platform has to offer. Whether businesses are looking to migrate or start completely fresh with their IT infrastructure — or even if you are already using Azure but would like to know more — finding a consultant is the best way to understand the platform fully, and therefore reap the rewards.

Extending your existing IT infrastructure

With Microsoft Azure, businesses of all sizes can invest in an IT and storage system that is perfectly tailored to their needs. This might mean starting small with your Cloud space, before increasing it down the line as your business grows. Microsoft Azure allows you to do this.

Extending your existing IT is easy with Microsoft Azure. It might be that you’re mostly happy with your current infrastructure and don’t want it to change too much, or perhaps you’re ready for something completely different which is better suited to your organization. With Microsoft Azure, both of these options and everything in between is possible.

Azure can easily integrate with your existing Microsoft based IT services and environment, delivering a seamless transition which creates the minimum amount of disruption for your business while it is taking place. Once this has been swiftly completed, your business can start enjoying all the benefits of using Microsoft Azure without worry, and Azure consulting can help to minimize this transition period even more.

An open and flexible approach to your business

The very nature of the Cloud itself makes it a flexible operating system. Rather than relying on specific devices and hardware, your data can be accessed easily anywhere and from any device, providing you have the correct authorization. For small businesses, in particular, this is extremely useful as it means you don’t have to fork out huge costs on hardware and devices before you’ve even got up and run. Employees can use their own devices, and even work from home, in a manner that’s flexible for them, you and your organization.

What’s more, Azure supports the widest selection of operating systems, frameworks, tools, programming languages, devices and databases, so you can enjoy maximum flexibility when you make the switch. Making use of an Azure consultant can help you understand more about the benefits of using Azure across a range of different devices and systems. Consultants can help you make the transition to Azure quickly and easily.

Protecting your data

When the Cloud was first introduced, many were skeptical about how it would keep business data secure. People found it hard to wrap their heads around the idea of their business documentation floating around in cyberspace, rather than confined to individual PCs and devices. 

However, since then the Cloud has more than proved itself as an extremely secure system. While it is easy for members of your business to access data in the Cloud from anywhere, those without the correct authorization will find it extremely different. Even better, having data in the Cloud means that you aren’t at risk of losing the data forever if some of your hardware becomes lost, damaged or stolen. With the Cloud, your business data is always backed up.

And of the Cloud-based operating systems available, Azure is undoubtedly one of the most secure. For one thing, Microsoft was the first major Cloud provider to adopt the new international Cloud privacy standard known as ISO 27018. Launched in 2014, this is a code of practice which focused on the protection of personal and sensitive data held within the Cloud.

Collaboration with your consultants

Azure consultancy is a great way to switch over to Azure seamlessly and get to know all that the platform has to offer. Azure consultants possess a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and how they work. This means that they are well placed to design, build and manage your IT environment, providing the reliable performance you need to make the switch. The right Azure consultants will do all this while interacting seamlessly within your business. If you’re still unsure about whether Azure is right for you, seek out a consultant support company today to talk things through. 

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