4 Ways Ecommerce is the Missing Link for Truck Parts Stores

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

The sale of truck parts is a $30 billion a year industry, and heavy-duty truck parts comprise nearly 20 percent of those sales. Leading manufacturers in this space include Grote, Meritor, Bendix and Truck-Lite.

 Most bricks-and-mortar auto parts supply stores aren’t getting in on this action, though. Why is that?

For many auto parts supply distributors, the issue is a dearth of reliable online sources for heavy-duty truck parts.

Here are four ways in which e-commerce can provide the missing link between your auto supply store and prospective heavy-duty truck parts customers.

Choose a Supplier with Experience

When inexperienced truck parts dealers get requests for uncommon parts, they often spend a great deal of time calling around to junkyards and individual manufacturers to source that part. 

Those calls are a lot of work, and chances are that they will pass those transaction costs along to you. In turn, you will have to pass those costs on to your customers.

Experienced online truck parts dealers have a solid distribution network in place and typically maintain warehouses that are filled with inventory. When they get a request for an uncommon part, they either have it already in stock, or they know how to obtain it quickly. They don’t generate transaction costs that have to be offset through higher price tags.

Choose a Supplier with Human Customer Service Representatives

You’ll have questions when you first start selling heavy-duty truck parts, and you’ll need those questions answered quickly. Human beings will be better able to answer those questions than bots. Choose an online supplier with a solid reputation for customer support.

Familiarize Yourself with OEM versus Aftermarket

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are parts that are manufactured for specific truck models. They may be your first choice when you are dealing with customers who want parts for a truck that is still under warranty or wsd manufactured within the last decade.

Many prospective customers who are shopping for heavy-duty truck parts, however, maintain truck fleets that contain old as well as new trucks. You can keep the replacement costs associated with parts for older trucks down by recommending aftermarket parts, so make sure you understand that market.

Offer Products from Specialty Manufacturers

Specialty manufacturers serve a smaller niche than general-purpose truck parts manufacturers, but these parts can carry a higher profit margin. They also attract a loyal customer base who will go out of their way to offer you significant word-of-mouth advertising.

When it comes to serving your customers, there’s an inherent benefit in providing the parts they want in a timely and affordable manner. By partnering with an e-commerce truck parts store, you can improve your customer experience. 

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