5 Ways e-Commerce is Changing Our World

Online experience is crucial for ensuring that customers’ needs and expectations are met when visiting your website. From data management systems to routinely publishing useful content, there are all sorts of ways to improve a client’s online experience. With the right e-commerce techniques, you’re able to satisfy customers and earn their loyalty for years to come.

Just as technology has changed how we view the world and live our daily lives, e-commerce has also had a huge impact around the globe. Here are 5 ways that e-commerce is changing out world, one website at a time.

  1. Increased Digital Marketing

e-Commerce has revolutionized how businesses conduct their daily operations and it continues to bring new options to the forefront. According to a study, 76% of consumers believe that marketing has changed in the past few years more than it has in the last fifty. This proves just how quickly and often the landscape is changing.

From how they promote their products to how those products are making, e-commerce has a huge say in the process. For a business to be successful in today’s world, it must have an effective process in place for marketing in the digital landscape. Today there are billions of Internet users, making online the prime opportunity to market new products, share content, and to spread word of your company.

With that, it’s not surprised that the use of digital marketing agencies has skyrocketed. From blogs to emails to apps to WordPress forms to social media profiles, there are an endless amount of ways for companies to use digital techniques to gain new leads and conversions.

  1. Mobile-friendly Buying

Consumers are much more likely to use their computer or smart device to shop versus heading to their local brick and mortar store. This is because e-commerce has opened the door to being able to shop from anywhere at any time. Online stores have a huge competitive edge over brick and mortar stores because of their 100% accessibility and availability. Online stores also offer a much larger inventory, allowing consumers to browse hundreds, if not thousands of products at the same time.

With the growing number of online stores has come the increase in mobile-friendly buying. Today you can order from the top name retailers in just a few clicks or swipes. A recent study found that mobile users spend around 5 hours a day on their phones.

Thanks to the ever-increasing availability of e-commerce websites, consumers now have the convenience of shopping from whenever, wherever, and for whatever product or service they may need.

  1. Improved Accessibility

Not only do consumers use their phones to shop more, the fact is that e-commerce has greatly improved accessibility around the world. Have you ever wanted to shop at a certain store, only to find that it’s not close to your home? While the drive may be worth it, today you can simply log onto your phone and make a purchase. With e-commerce has come almost 100% accessibility. If a store ships to your area, you can purchase items from it.

Improved accessibility is not only beneficial for consumers, but also for companies. The more accessible stores are, the greater the number of clients that the company can hopefully land sales from. This creates the perfect environment for landing leads, conversions, and marketing to new target audiences.

  1. Voice Commerce

You’ve likely used your phone to ask for directions or the address to a nearby restaurant, but have you ever used a smartphone or a device to make a purchase for you? While this is an upcoming and ever-evolving technology, e-commerce has opened the door to voice commerce. With this form of shopping, you ask a digital assistant to make a purchase for you and in just a few seconds, the order is placed!

Today there are all sorts of products that offer voice commerce including:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google phones
  • Microsoft Cortana

Using voice commerce devices is projected greatly increase in the next few years, offering another convenient option for shopping at home or on-the-go.

  1. Virtual Reality Shopping

Not only can you purchase items online while you’re out and about, more and more companies are looking to shift the digital landscape by offering virtual reality shopping. Using virtual reality technology, companies are looking to create highly personalized and immersive shopping experiences. In the future, consumers will be able to browse products, add items to their car, and even proceed to check out while using a virtual reality headset.


It goes without saying that e-commerce has greatly impacted the lives of everyday consumers. From impacting how we shop to where we shop for the number of items we have available at our fingertips, the technology has and will continue to make consumer lives much more convenient.

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