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As marketing tech solutions become more sophisticated, business owners are beginning to find ways to accelerate and optimize almost every aspect of the operations. Today, companies are taking advantage of marketing technology (Mar Tech) to increase efficiency to basic commercial and marketing functions like e-commerce conversion or take on more complex business tasks like managing complicated business relationships across various channels. 

While it is impossible to ignore how important MarTech is to business growth, choosing the right options for your business operations can be very overwhelming. First, you’ll need to identify which options offer the best prospects for your business type, be certain about the cost and the value you get in return, and finally, consider how easy or complicated it is to use. 

Marketing technology offers numerous benefits to any business, including helping you send personalized content, drive engagement, and attract your target audience. It also equips you with the analytic tools and metrics you need to track and monitor how effective your marketing efforts are. But how do you use it to get the most ROI? This blog will shed more light on how to use MarTech in ways that drive business growth and productivity. 

What is Marketing Technology?

First of all, it is important to have a good understanding of what marketing technology is. Often shortened as Mar Tech, marketing technology refers to any tech solution or piece of software that marketers use to perform various marketing tasks. These are special applications created to help any marketer strategize and execute a variety of marketing campaigns. They are also designed to make it possible to collect marketing data, analyze the results of the marketing campaigns already executed, measure how effective those campaigns are, and also track their performance. And the lessons learned or insight gathered from such data will influence marketing plans in the future. And all these marketing tasks take place, to a large extent, in the digital space. 

Mar Tech helps business marketers to handle the technical part of marketing with a lot more straightforward, giving them more time to focus on adding more creativity. 

Ways You Can Use Marketing Technology To Grow Your Business

Keep ahead of the technology curve

As mentioned earlier, many business owners are taking advantage of marketing tech solutions to improve the impact on their marketing operations. This makes it easier to stay ahead of the technology curve as far as marketing is involved. A great example is how engaging businesses are becoming with their advertising content. While large businesses can afford to pay top-level actors and actresses to make cameos on their advertising videos, smaller businesses are opting for animations to deliver more engaging advertising content to their target audience. 

Small businesses do not have the financial muscle of the large corporations. Mar Tech gives them the chance to adopt modern but less-expensive solutions like video marketing that drive similar results and allow the businesses to stay ahead of the technology curve. Suppose you’re a small business owner trying to have a strong marketing impact. In that case, you can also find out how you can use various animation styles to create truly engaging marketing or advertising content. The world of marketing is changing by the day. And a business’s ability to embrace newer, less expensive, and cheaper Mar Tech trends will help stay ahead of the technology curve. 

Use automation to transform your marketing

Automated marketing is one of the biggest benefits that marketing technology brings to any business. Back in the day, marketers needed to go through every marketing campaign or strategy by hand. For example, if a person had to send out a physical email invitation to an event. This could sometimes take a number of days to put together, not to mention how many hours it may take to deliver. 

However, with the introduction of marketing technology, marketers can now take advantage of email marketing solutions, which allows them to put together entire campaigns with only a few clicks. An email automation feature also allows them to deliver the campaigns to all the contacts on their email lists. 

But it doesn’t end there. You can also create more personalized marketing campaigns to deliver to particular recipients in your mail list. That’s because marketing automation also includes analytics and online forms that make it possible to track what visitors to your online platforms do. This can help you create more personalized web content, manage email campaigns, and facilitate sales and marketing alignment through automated alerts and lead scoring to your salespeople. 

Marketing automation has many benefits that go beyond email marketing and extend to all aspects of digital advertising. With this technology, businesses can improve their marketing campaigns by automating tasks and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Marketing automation is particularly advantageous for businesses with several locations, as it helps marketers handle the complexities of multi-location advertising by enabling them to create and manage marketing campaigns for each location individually.

Marketing technology makes remarketing more effective

Remarketing is ideal for both customer retention and targeting new clients. For example, when a potential client visits your website, you can use remarketing solutions to display ads on other online platforms that person visits, based on the information or data you collect from their activities on your website. 

Mar Tech has made remarketing campaigns easy to set up and very cost-effective. That’s because it allows you to target only the people who visit your online platforms and have already expressed enough interest in your products or services to even want to return to your website in the future. And this is also true for customers who have already completed transactions on your website. 

You can also customize your remarketing efforts to show ads for specific services or products your online visitors check out while on your website. 

Gain a better understanding of what is works and what doesn’t

You often find several companies complaining that their marketing departments struggle too often to demonstrate whether their marketing strategies and campaigns are yielding results or not. In most of these cases, these marketers also find it difficult to back any of their marketing claims or projections with tangible metrics. 

Many marketers also struggle to identify the main factors to look at when trying to figure out whether a marketing campaign is yielding positive results or not. But with the increasing growth of marketing tech solutions in businesses, a simple dashboard is more than enough to give marketing departments a clear understanding of their marketing campaigns’ effects. Most analytic tools or software options are also pretty easy to use and understand. That means business owners do not need to invest extra money in training sessions or professional services. 

Marketing operatives can then choose to expand, halt, or cut marketing campaigns or change strategies based on the information they collect from these analytic tools.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing comprises search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and paid search ads. And the sole aim of search engine marketing is to help drive organic or ethical traffic to your website through high organic search listings for your web content. Today, almost every consumer uses search engines to help them make various purchasing decisions about a product or service. They can conduct online searches to find out specific features of products they want or look for companies that offer the services they need and how to contact such companies. And this shows how invaluable search engines have become to the modern consumer. 

Business owners can use search ads to test and optimize keywords, offers, ad copies, website forms, amongst others. Also, it is possible to track potential consumers downstream by integrating data from your analytic tools with search engine marketing solutions. This option helps you identify which ads potential customers often click on and which ads often lead to sales.

In the world of search engine optimization, you cannot ignore how important it is to create high-quality content regularly, as this gives businesses a better chance of ranking very high on popular search engines like Google. Plus, the more keywords you incorporate into your high-quality content, the easier it becomes to target potential customers to find your website or other online platforms.

Results come in a lot easier and faster

Unlike the traditional marketing methods, it is far easier to see results with the aid of marketing tech solutions, and the results come in a lot faster. It takes quite a long time to start seeing the results you want with traditional marketing methods. And even when the results start trickling in, they rarely come at the same time, and this makes it more difficult to analyze them. And that can be very frustrating, especially when you need to move your business as quickly as possible. 

When you opt for marketing tech solutions to improve your marketing campaigns, you’ll more likely see your results quickly. Plus, the results are usually available with just one click of a button. 

That also means that you easily optimize marketing efficiency with Mar Tech solutions. That’s because many businesses can now streamline all the processes and strategies of their marketing teams while saving money on expertise, time, and any other associated expenses. Instead, the various marketing technology solutions offer the efficiency needed to marketing departments to put more of their attention on generating leads that will bring high returns on investment. 

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