How Technology is Making Christmas Magical through Personal Videos

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Christmas is family time: it is an unwritten rule. It is during this time that people get to see siblings they haven’t been able to throughout the year. Time to have family gatherings and so on. It is, however, not limited to having quality time with people they share blood with. Your friends fit in this bracket too.

Things have changed from how they used to be a while back. The emergence of technology has changed how people communicate, hence how Christmas is celebrated. Here are ways you can let technology grace your Christmas this season.

1. Video postcards

There was a time that availing postcards for Christmas were a taxing affair. First off, they were handmade and characterized by all sorts of decorations, including leaves. It used to be fun, but as life became more hectic, it became tedious for people.

This did not mean that the exchanging gifts tradition had to change. Today, you have the option of sending electronic postcards. Portable North Pole is among the fantastic tools you can use to create postcards. The best part is that it allows you to create video postcards too.

You can create a personal Santa to deliver your message to your recipient. Postcards have become more exciting and real.

2. You can deliver gifts without moving an inch

People are going overseas for businesses and career opportunities, or even to study. They don’t always find themselves at home come Christmas. With international delivery services available and all the shipping sites on the internet, people don’t have to miss family gifting sessions.

You can have your gift delivered to your loved ones in a different city, state, or continent. Shipping and delivery apps have increased access, something that people are enjoying, especially during festivities.

3. You can attend a family get together during Christmas from where you are

No one wants to be lonely during Christmas. However, sometimes, you are forced to stay away from your family due to work-related commitments or financial constraints. You don’t need to stress about missing the pleasantries that usually grace the Christmas season. Thanks to Skype video calls, you can get footage of everything that is happening at home. Most social media platforms have live video options that can help you stay included and be part of family gatherings.

It does not stop there; if you are busy and not able to participate live in the events, you can be sent videos of what was happening for you to view later.

The ways technology has changed the Christmas season cannot be overstated. You can sing along to hymns on YouTube. You can also decide to relax with your family watching Christmas movies on Netflix. Leveraging technology for communication and entertainment during Christmas can make it more delightful. You can use tools such as Portable North Pole to engage them in Christmas preparations. The video postcards and other technologies make the Christmas experience unique and memorable.

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