Your Future Is In Your Hands

Don’t think that anybody else is controlling your future. It might be easy to blame everything on everyone else, and we know a lot of you will probably do that. But your life is most definitely in your hands, and there’s plenty you can do about the destiny that you have. Although it might not seem this way to you, we know that all you’re going to be thinking about is what the future might hold, and we know you’ll be thinking about your job and how that’s holding you back. Because it does hold us back. If you really think about it, pretty much everything we do revolves around work. From the time you’re able to spend in your personal life, to the money you have, to the friendships you have. Once you’re tied down to that working life, there’s pretty much no going back to a normal and free life. You don’t have the support of your parents, and you don’t have the comfort of being able to go to school, come home and raid the cupboards, and see which of your friends you can meet for you evening. So, enough about the past, and enough about work. Let’s focus on the future that’s in your hands, and how you can make sure it’s simply the best.

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What Do You Like About Your Life?

Ok, so rather than starting on a negative note, we want to talk about all of the things that you like about your life at the minute. It could be absolutely anything, and we encourage you to write a list. Because we really do think that so many people are focused on the negatives in life, and forget about how many positives are surrounding them. When life does get you down, thinking about the things that make you happy, and the things you’ve achieved can really bring you right back up again! So, think about the friends that you’ve got, and how you can use them to shape your future. We think for some of you, the friends that you’ll have around you will be massively underrated. You’ll have so much going on, that making time to see them just might not be an option for you. But when you do meet up and everyone is laughing and joking, all you can think about is how happy you are at that moment in time. So now think about how your friends could make your future so much brighter. If you know you don’t make enough time for them, try and turn it all around. In the new year try and go on some adventures with them, and explore the world as much as you can. Your future is always going to be so much brighter with them in your life. The same goes with anything else that you like about your life at the minute. You really do need to focus on them, and make sure that your future is filled with happy memories and experience, wherever they might come from.


What Do You Dislike?

If you start talking about all of the things that you dislike, we know that the list might just go up and up. The more time you spend thinking about your dislikes, the more they can cloud all of the things that make you happy. Which is why we think that if you want to control your own future, you first have to control your own dislikes. For most people, their main dislike is the lack of money that they have, or the lack of time to do the things they really want to do. If you feel like money is a big issue, and that it’s clouding your future, go and talk to a financial advisor. Getting some professional advice about how you can improve your finances can really turn your life around! Once your money situation starts improving, you’ll soon realise that pretty much everything else in your life will fall into place. We bet if you think about all of the problems that you’re having, every single one of them could be solved with some extra money in your life!

What Do You Wish You Could Achieve?

Goal setting. This is what we’re all about. It shouldn’t be what you wish you could achieve, it should be about what you’re going to achieve. The more pressure you put on yourself to go and do something a bit more out of the ordinary, the more of a brighter future you’re going to have. Even if you simply wish to achieve the ability of being able to paint, it’s still something to work towards. So if you have a bit of spare time at the minute, think of all of the things you want to achieve in your life. What you’ll be left with is a list of things you can crack on with. A list of things you can start to tick off as you go along, so you can eventually feel like you’re accomplishing more in life. If you really can’t think of anything you’d like to achieve in life, then do a quick Google search and have some inspiration from others! The more positive things you’re going to have to work towards, the less focused your mind is going to be on the negative side of things.

Let’s Talk About Careers

Now this is the one that most of you might have been waiting for. Your career is going to be one of the most important things to you, and you’re obviously going to revolve your life around it. But how much do you honestly hate the career that you’re in at the minute? We know that some of you just won’t be happy, and you’ll be dying for a way out that you just can’t find. If you know you’re good with practical work, and you know you like problem-solving, you could try a online electrical engineering degree. It’s such a well-paid role to get into, and being able to train for it through an online course means you won’t ever have to worry about losing money by quitting your job. Taking online courses really is a fast pass to a better future when you might feel like there really isn’t one! Considering your career is such a huge part of your life at the minute, and will be for many years to come, we definitely would consider your options with moving if you’re just not happy at the minute!

What Type Of Person Are You?

You might be wondering how this is going to relate to your future. Well, let us enlighten you. If you’re the type of person who is set in their own ways, and you’ve done pretty much the same thing since before you can remember, then time most definitely is going to pass you by without you achieving anything. But we get why you would be like this. Once you’ve spent so long doing something one way, it can be hard to step out of your comfort zone to do something different. So, if you know you’re quiet a reserved person, focus on bringing yourself out of your shell. Slowly put yourself into situations you wouldn’t usually do, and you’ll slowly start to watch yourself change. All of the sudden you won’t be bothered about living the same routine you’ve always done, you’ll actually be excited to make a difference to your life.


So, take your future into your hands, grasp it, and make sure it’s the best future you could possibly ask for!


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