How Computers Changed Business Forever

Computers and technology play a huge role in modern life. This is true not only for our personal lives but also within the business sector. All businesses now rely heavily on computer networks and technology to operate. It is no understatement to say that without computers, most companies would simply not be able to function.

That is an even more startling fact when you think about life before technology evolved. Looking back even 10 years, things like social media marketing for business were not as sophisticated as now. When you add in advances in other areas like virtual servers, next-gen telecommunications, and the way in which consumers use computers to engage with business, it is clear to see the effect that computers have had.

Single Sign On (SSO) is a convenient authentication method used in business environments, where employees can access multiple applications and systems using a single set of login credentials. While SAML protocol enables a secure exchange of authentication and authorization information. This allows seamless and efficient access to resources across personal computers. Safe connections and authentication are not sufficient to provide identity security across organizations. This is why cyber security companies recommend using IGA (identity governance and administration) as a security strategy against identity theft, etc.

The internet provided the spark

First made available to both the public and business around the early 1990s, the internet is the major driver behind a pmodern computer-based business. Computers had been used before then but not on such a widespread scale as now. The internet came along and changed all that by connecting the world, and developers created powerful new tools for businesses to use. That made computers a great way to not only work harder but also smarter. All businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline what they do, and the internet and computers have provided ways to do that.

How has computing changed business?

Since the internet came onto the scene and computers became essential for business use, the technology involved has had a massive impact. Here are some of the ways in which technology has had an effect.

  • Improved communication – the lifeblood of all businesses is communicating effectively with staff and consumers. Computers changed not only how this was done but also made it much more effective. Advances like email and instant chat and video calls made it faster to pass on information within an organization. Computers also allow for better communication with customers through channels like company websites. As with staff communication, computers allow you to pass vital information onto customers in an efficient, concise way.
  • Mobile working – computing has also changed the way that a lot of people work. Before computers, staff had to be physically on site to complete their roles. That meant that remote working was not feasible and having staff out in the field was difficult. Computers changed that by making it easy for people to stay in touch and to work from anywhere. Cloud computing is a great example of that. This computerized solution to working allows staff to access their office from anywhere and to collaborate with others, even if they are not in the same room.
  • Data storage – before computers made their mark in business, all companies had to keep paper files and store important documents physically. This was naturally a waste of resources and also took up valuable space on premises. It also saw paper files go missing and be hard to find. Computers took data storage digital and made it simple to store and find any documents needed by searching from your PC.
  • Digital marketing – in the past, marketing was all about traditional methods like billboards or handing flyers out locally. Computers have changed the game here for good by allowing you to use them to market online. Also known as digital marketing, it is much more effective at reaching people globally and is also more cost effective. Popular examples of this include social media marketing which facilitates engaging with consumers on popular platforms like Instagram to build a brand.
  • E-commerce – a big change within the business that computers have driven is how consumers shop. That is not only by using computers to look for and research businesses to use but also using them to buy goods. Known as e-commerce, this is a huge sector and was worth around $3 trillion globally in 2017. It has grown simply because of the convenience and choice it gives to shoppers when looking for goods or services. Computers play the central role in this and e-commerce would not, of course, be possible without them.

Computers have not only helped business

While business has changed for the better thanks to computers, they are not the only sector that has been affected. The non-profit charity sector has also taken on new computer technology in recent years to become more efficient. The Charles Phillips charity, Phillips Charitable Organizations, is one charity that uses websites and online marketing to promote its causes.

Computers and business are a great mix

What is clear when you see exactly how much has changed in business due to technology is how positive that change has been. Modern computer-based businesses not only offer a better service to their customers but are able to operate more effectively themselves. What is interesting will be waiting to see where computers will take us all next.

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