Text Symbols: Exploring Hidden Meanings in Texting Symbols

In the era of digital communication, texting has become the easiest method for exchanging messages. Whether talking with friends, family, or colleagues, texting is one of the quickest and effortless means of communication.

However, while texting with your dear ones, we are using a large number of text symbols, often confusing those unfamiliar with them.

In this article we will talk about the texting symbols, their meanings and how to use the vast array of symbols commonly used in everyday conversations.

Let’s dive right in:

Basic Symbols

Some of the most commonly used texting symbols represent basic emotions:

  • πŸ™‚ – Smiley Face: Conveys happiness or positivity.
  • πŸ™ – Frowning Face: Conveys sadness or disappointment.
  • πŸ˜€ – Big Smiley Face: Signifies happiness or excitement.
  • πŸ˜› – Sticking Out Tongue: Indicates playful teasing or sarcasm.
  • <3 – Heart Symbol: Expresses love, affection, or deep liking.
  • BRB πŸ”™ – Be Right Back: Indicates a temporary absence.
  • ASAP – As Soon As Possible: Emphasizes urgency.
  • OMG 😱 – Oh My God: Expresses surprise, shock, or disbelief.
  • TTYL – Talk to You Later: Indicates an end to the conversation with the intention to reconnect.
  • SMH – Shaking My Head: Conveys disappointment, disbelief, or disapproval.


Texting has given rise to numerous abbreviations, allowing for quick and efficient digital communication:

  • LOL: Laugh Out Loud
  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • TTYL: Talk to You Later
  • IDK: I Don’t Know
  • BTW: By The Way

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Emoticons serve as pictorial representations of emotions:

  • ^_^: Happy face
  • T_T: Sad face
  • O_O: Surprised face


Acronyms are formed by using the first letter of each word in a phrase:

  • ASAP: As Soon As Possible
  • FYI: For Your Information
  • OMG: Oh My God
  • BFF: Best Friends Forever
  • IMO: In My Opinion

Symbols for Texting Messages

Several symbols are used to convey specific meanings:

  • @: At (e.g., β€œI’ll meet you @ the park”)
  • #: Hashtag (e.g., β€œ#TBT” for Throwback Thursday)
  • $: Dollar (e.g., β€œThat costs $10”)
  • &: And (e.g., β€œMe & my friend are going to the movies”)

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Symbol Meanings in Chat

In online chatting, symbols have become a universal language:

  • πŸ˜‚: Face with Tears of Joy – Uncontrollable laughter.
  • πŸ˜‰: Winking Face – Playful or sarcastic tone.
  • πŸ™: Folded Hands – Gratitude or request for support.
  • 😍: Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes – Adoration or deep affection.
  • 🀣: Rolling on the Floor Laughing – Intense amusement.
  • 😊: Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes – Genuine happiness.
  • 😭: Loudly Crying Face – Intense sadness or grief.
  • πŸ€”: Thinking Face – Curiosity or skepticism.
  • πŸ™Œ: Raising Hands – Celebration or praise.
  • ❀️: Red Heart – Love and deep emotional connection.

Texting Symbols We Use

texting symbols

Here is a comprehensive list of common texting abbreviations and their meanings:

Abbreviations/AcronymsWhat they meanAbbreviations/AcronymsWhat they meanAbbreviations/AcronymsWhat they mean
ACCAnyone Can ComeFYIFor Your InformationOTOHOn The Other Hand
ADMINAdministratorG2GGoing to GoPOVPoint of View
AFAICAs Far As I am ConcernedGMVGot My VoteQOTDQuote Of The Day
AFAPAs Far As PossibleGOATGreatest Of All TimeROFLRolling On the Floor, Laughing
AKAAlso Known AsGTGGood To GoRSVPPlease Reply
AMAAsk Me AnythingICYMIIn Case You Missed itSMHShakes My Head
ASAPAs Soon As PossibleIDKI Don’t KnowSTDSeal The Deal/Save The Date
ATMAt The MomentIGInstagramTBATo Be Announced
BRBBe Right BackIKRI Know, Right?TBDTo Be Decided
BTWBy The WayIMHOIn My Humble OpinionTBHTo Be Honest
BYOBBring Your BeverageLMKLet Me KnowTCTake Care
DIYDo It YourselfN/ANot Available or Not ApplicableTGIFThank God It’s Friday
DMDirect MessageNBDNo Big DealTIAThanks In Advance
EODEnd of DayNGLNot Gonna LieTMIToo Much Information
FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsNPNo ProblemTTYLTalk To You Later
FBFacebookNRNNo Reply NecessaryYOLOYou Only Live Once
FOMOFear of Missing OutNVMNever MindOFCOf Course
FTWFor The Win


Texting symbols have become an integral part of modern communication. By understanding what these symbols mean, you can better comprehend the messages you receive and convey your thoughts and emotions more effectively. So, the next time you receive a text message, pay attention to the symbols and acronyms used and use them to better communicate with the people in your life.

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