Customer Relations: Practices To Better Manage Your Business Calls

Running a successful business is all about relationships, especially with customers. Your company will grow only if you can manage or maintain customer relationships.  

There are two kinds of customers. That’s existing and potential. You must retain existing customers and reach out to new ones to run a successful business enterprise. You can achieve that by connecting with them through various communication methods. One of them is calls.  

There are several benefits of business calls. These include enhancing customer service, providing instant feedback, providing 24/7 services, increasing sales and leads, improving customer satisfaction, etc. However, you must ensure you work with a reliable phone call service provider.  

That said, here are some simple yet effective practices to better manage your business calls.  

  1. Invest In Modern Technologies 

Utilizing modern technologies is perhaps one of the most effective approaches to managing business calls. This involves using automated tools to communicate with customers through calls.  

You might purchase one of the top-rated phone systems in the market. However, it might not enable you to efficiently manage customers’ calls if it doesn’t have automated tools. Installing the right tools in your business phone system is essential. 

There are various automation tools you can install in your business phone system. One of them is a Power Dialer. This computer application enables you to call many customers within the shortest time possible.  

Dialing contacts manually can harm your business. For instance, it forces customers to wait too long before answering their questions. And if you’re not careful, you might lose many customers.  

At the same, manually dialing customers’ contacts requires you to employ many workers. This is true, especially when dealing with a lot of customers. And this increases your labor costs. It would help if you used a power dialer to manage business calls. 

With a power dialer, you can automate your business call process. It eliminated the need to dial contacts manually. As a result, you’ll be able to minimize the idle time between calls. This helps save time. 

Besides, the power dialer enhances customer experience and satisfaction. Using it to manage calls is one of the best ways to grow your company. However, you must select the right tool from the many available on the market.  

  1. Develop A Voicemail Strategy

Managing customer relations is one of the best ways to grow a successful business. However, you can’t achieve that if you keep disturbing them with promotional messages.  

Disturbed customers may develop a poor attitude towards your organization. As a result, they might decide to seek assistance from your competitors. Ensuring you don’t disturb is crucial to help build strong relations.  

One of the most effective ways to ensure you don’t disturb customers is by developing a voicemail strategy. This involves delivering messages to customers’ inboxes without the phone first ringing. For that reason, users will open your messages at a time that’s convenient to them.  

A voicemail strategy plays a critical role in your business calls management. For instance, it enhances customers’ responses. For instance, a customer may decide to call you back when they find important messages in their phone inbox. This leads to effective communication.  

Apart from that, developing a voicemail strategy may enable you to reach many customers quickly. However, you must use the proper application to send unlimited Ringless Voicemail to clients.  

  1. Work With The Right Team

Another effective way to manage your business calls is by hiring the right team. These are people who will be communicating with customers or handling calls.  

The selection of your workers can improve or hurt your business communication. For instance, finding unsuitable employees affects customers’ experience. As a result, you might not build a solid or loyal customer base.  

On the other hand, the right workers will likely provide premium services to callers. This enhances customers’ experience or satisfaction. And such customers will likely remain connected to your brand.  

Finding the right team isn’t always easy. This is especially true for new businesses. However, all isn’t lost. You can implement two major strategies to ensure you hire the right team.  

One of the ways to ensure you hire the right team is to utilize staff recruitment agencies. These are companies whose primary work is to help businesses find suitable workers. The right agency can streamline your hiring process to ensure you find the right team. 

Another effective way to employ the right team is using staff recruitment and onboarding software. This computerized tool enables you to connect only with the most suitable workers. You can program the tool according to your specification to help select the right team.  

The good thing about the staff recruitment and onboarding software is that it automatically eliminates unsuitable candidates during the job vacant application stage. As a result, you’ll only interview the right team to manage your business calls. But whichever method you choose, ensure you find workers with effective communication skills and enthusiastic attitudes. This will go a long way towards enhancing your business customer relations.  

In addition to finding the right team, ensure you continuously train them regarding call management. This ensures they know what is expected of them. For that reason, they’ll likely enhance your call communications to boost customer relations.  

  1. Hire The Right Call Management Service Providers

You can work with your internal workers in managing your business calls. However, you may sometimes need to hire professional agents or service providers. This is especially when you want internal workers to concentrate on core business activities.  

Besides, you may want to hire a call management service provider to help minimize business costs. This is true since finding outside services eliminates the need to hire many permanent workers. For that reason, you’ll minimize your business labor costs.  

When you decide to outsource your call management function, you must ensure you choose the right company. Working with the wrong company may impair your customer relations. For that reason, you may want to find an experienced firm with qualified workers in customer service.  

You also need to note that not all companies claiming to offer call management services are genuine. Some are there to find ways to steal data from clients. And working with such a company may affect your relationship with customers. 

Before hiring any service provider, ensure they’re genuine and committed to offering excellent call services. You can achieve that by reading online reviews. These are opinions written by other business owners after working with your preferred call management company.  

Reading online reviews gives you an idea about the genuineness of the company you’re about to hire. Positive ones may be a reflection of good company.  

On the other hand, negative reviews may be an indication of a scammer or poor service. Always strive to find a call management service provider with an established positive reputation.  

  1. Stay On Top Of Regulatory Laws

Business call operations involve dealing with customer data. Third parties shouldn’t access such data. You can be sued if customers’ data at your disposal get accessed by other people.  

While some customer data breaches occur by mistake, others happen due to a lack of information. But whichever is the case, it’ll harm your relationships with customers. That’s why you need to stay updated about call regulatory laws.  

Staying on top of regulatory laws may help prevent customer data fraud and breaches. It also helps build trust with customers. All these ensure you develop good relations with customers.  

You can do many things to ensure you stay on top of regulatory laws. One is attending business seminars and forums where such issues are discussed. 

Apart from that, you may consider working with experts. For instance, you can consider finding an information technology company to help build communication systems that abide by the law. As a result, your company will remain compliant with call regulatory laws to enhance customer relations.  

  1. Take Customer Feedbacks

Taking customer feedback is a must if you want to grow a successful business. It ensures you can provide personalized services to meet specific customer needs. It also enables you to improve offerings.  

While that’s the case, customer feedback can help improve business relations. For instance, you can know how customers prefer to engage with your brand. That enables you to utilize the most appropriate tools and strategies to communicate with customers.  

Customer Relations concept on the gearwheels, 3D rendering

You can implement different ways to collect customers’ feedback. One of them is through phone calls. Also, you can encourage customers to leave feedback on your business website.  

Collecting customers’ feedback isn’t enough. Make sure you respond to each comment. You can appreciate any positive opinion and try to provide solutions to negative criticisms. This is an indication that you value your customers. As a result, you’ll likely boost your business-customer relationships.  

  1. Use Data To Make Call Decisions

Another effective way to manage your business calls is to use data. With data, you can know the right time to call your customers. It also enables you to have the correct answers for your callers.  

One of the best ways to collect data is using a customer relationship management system. It lets you know customers’ background information like their location, name, contact information, interests, etc.  

You can use the collected data to build buyer personas. This enables you to know your customers better. For instance, you’ll gain an insight into the right time to call specific customers. This will go a long way to boosting customer experience or satisfaction. As a result, you’ll likely develop strong relationships with customers.  

There are several customer relationship management systems in the market. However, not all of them would be suitable for your business needs. It’d be a good idea to select the right tool. When purchasing a customer relationship management system, some factors include ease of use, compatibility with other existing computer programs, scalability, quality, and features.  

Besides, you may want to purchase the system from a reputable vendor. This is important since the functioning of the systems may greatly depend on the service provider.  

Benefits Of A Strong Customer Relationships

As you’ve seen above, there are several ways to enhance customer relations with call management. This section covers some significant benefits of developing strong customer relationships. These include: 

  • Increased Sales

One of the many reasons you’d want to create strong customer relationships is to increase sales. This is possible since establishing strong relations enables you to develop a robust customer base. For that reason, customers will likely remain connected to you. 

Besides, strong relations may allow customers to increase the size of their shopping baskets. As a result, you’ll likely generate more sales.  

Aside from that, customers who trust you may spread the word regarding your brand. This enables you to attract more customers through recommendations. Nd that may mean an increase in sales.  

  • Enhanced Customer Retention

Thousands of small businesses get incorporated every year. This means high competition for brands with identical offerings.  

You can market your company and win a few customers. However, there may be another problem. That’s how to retain them. But the good news is that you can work towards a customer relations strategy to help retain customers.  

A strong customer relationship strategy involves providing excellent and outstanding products or services. As a result, you’ll likely attract and retain more customers.  

  • Minimized Costs

No business can completely do away with costs. However, increased costs aren’t desirable. This is because they can interfere with a business’s profits. That’s why every business owner is looking for effective ways of minimizing costs.  

One of the areas that can take most of your budget is marketing. You need to buy resources to connect with potential customers. However, you can reduce your marketing budget by enhancing customer relations. 

As noted above, better relationships enhance customer retention. The cost of retaining customers is less than reaching new ones. 

Besides, existing customers may help reach new customers through referrals. All these help keep your business costs at the most desired low level.  


Boosting customer relations is the way to go if you want to grow your company faster. It allows you to retain customers and attract new ones to boost sales. You can achieve that by managing your calls. You may adopt the strategies detailed in this article to manage business calls and enhance customer relationships.  

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