Why Your Enterprise Needs Field Service Management More Than Ever

Field service management software is essential for those companies who provide repair and installation services for equipment. It refers to the technology that is used for coordinating field operations of the workforce of a service providing company. The use of Field service management software makes the task of providing service more efficient and streamlined and helps small enterprises to compete with industry leaders.

If you are still using paper-based forms for field service management, then you need to convert to the software system because it has many benefits to offer.

How can Field Service Management software be of help to your enterprise?

The field service management software solutions differ from one company to the next. The software is designed according to the specific requirements of the enterprise. Generally, the software serves the following purposes:

1. Tracking of vehicle location

The field service management software helps the company to track the location of the vehicle of a particular staff member. Using this technology, the company can ensure that its employees are providing service to customers in a timely manner. In case there is an accident or delay, then also the company can extend help to the employee or send another employee to finish the task.

2. Management of orders and schedules

Having a field service management software makes it very easy for the company to accept orders online and distribute the tasks of fulfilling each order aiming the employees. The software provides information regarding the current workload of an employee. Accordingly, the manager can allocate assignments to the employee. This increases the efficiency and reduces the time taken in completing the task.

3. Inventory tracking

Companies which require storage spaces for keeping a large stock can benefit from the use of a field service management software. It becomes very easy to track the number of units left in each product category. The company can get the details of the inventory with the click of a button. This speeds up the process of order fulfillment and helps the company to restock those items which are sold out. Manufacturing industries can use this software to keep track of the spare parts. Knowledge of the assets prevents wastage and overstocking.

4. Integrated invoicing system

Whenever a product is sold by the company, the data gets uploaded to the software. This data can be accessed by the staff members from any device that has the app. The billing system is a part of the field service management software. The staff just needs to scan the product and all the details are immediately flashed on the screen. The point of sale feature is also provided with this software so that payment processing is done simultaneously.

5. Customer relationship management

The company does not need to go for a separate CRM software. It is a part of the field service management software. The staff members can answer queries through this portal and can take orders from customers online as well. Customer complains and issues can be immediately resolved because of the integrated software which provides all the information regarding a particular sale on the screen.

6. Compliance with regulations

There are so many industry standards and regulations that a company needs to abide by. These rules keep on changing from time to time which makes it very difficult for a company to keep track of them. The field service management software provides all the regulations in one place and it also regularly updates the list and gives a reminder if there is any discrepancy in the functioning of the company.

All these aspects of the field service management software prove that it is an indispensable tool for a service-providing company in today’s times. If your enterprise has not got this software installed as yet, you should not waste any more time and effort in manual service management and get a customized software immediately.

Benefits of installing the FSM software:

  • Reduction in fuel costs- The GPS navigation system and route guidance help the staff to reach the destination on time and using the shortest route possible. Due to this, the time spent on locating sites and the fuel spent is curbed.
  • Better service delivery- The FSM software comes with back-end system integration. When the staff goes to a location to repair or install equipment, he is able to answer all the queries regarding the product to the customer with the help of the software. Also, the specs and installation system of the product are present in the software. This helps the staff to achieve success in the task in the first attempt itself.
  • The mobility of technology- The field service management software has the advantage of mobility. It can be installed on any device be it a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. As the staff is able to access information from anywhere and is able to update the job status, the time spent on re-entering data into a separate system and printing invoices later get cut short. All these things can be done with portable devices which are integrated with the software.

There is so much to gain and nothing to lose if you install the field service management software for your enterprise.

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