The Latest Trend in 2020: An Employee Management App

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The Latest Trend in 2020: An Employee Management App

Personally and professionally, all of us have grown accustomed to using our mobile phones in shape or form. From entertainment to maps to ordering food, easy access to information, and even communicating with family and friends who aren’t a few feet away. Companies have noticed this growing trend and are turning to employee management apps to not just be up with the times but to be able to reach everyone where they are, their mobile phone.

However, only massive corporations actually had the financial means and knowledge to implement an employee management app in the day-to-day routine. But over the past decade, more management software solutions have entered the market and are offering employee management apps to small to medium businesses, mom and pop shops, and even freelancers. 

Wait, what’s an employee management app, anyways? “An employee management app enables employees to receive personalized, relevant, and time-sensitive information from their organization, wherever they are, on their mobile devices simply by accessing an app or through push notifications — so they stay informed about the company and can do their jobs more efficiently.”

If you’re thinking an employee management app is just a solution that allows you to communicate with your employees no matter where they are, you’re only about 20% right. An employee management app acts as the Holy Grail into your organization. It’s the one tool your employees can refer to at any time from anywhere to get all the information they need, to sharpen their skills, to manage and track their time, to access their schedule, and to engage and collaborate with their coworkers. In addition, as a manager, you have a direct line to every single employee – even if they’re halfway across the world – so it’s easier to strengthen your company culture, meet the needs of your employees, offer better customer service, and so much more. 

As mentioned, smaller businesses now have access to employee management apps, as they’re more accessible and affordable. Check out the best employee management software solutions here.

But if you need more information, let’s look at some of the data: 

  • The Pew Research Center says 77% of Americans own smartphones
  • Pew also says 85% of American adults access news on their mobile phones
  • The New York Times found that people spend around four hours a day on their phone
  • 85% of Gen-Xers and 67 percent of Baby Boomers own smartphones too so you can reach everyone

Knowing that a huge majority of your workforce is on their mobile phone, it’s time you incorporated an employee management app in your business. And if you’re looking for even more reasons to be convinced, let’s look at how this solution can enhance your daily workflow. 

1. Streamline communication

Ask yourself these questions: how do your employees receive company announcements and updates? Are you calling you for every little thing? Are they sending and receiving a ton of emails without any idea of how to prioritize them? Can they attach voice notes or pictures or files when they’re out in the field if an incident should happen? How do they communicate their ideas, options, suggestions, and feedback? How do you recognize their hard work? 

I mean, the list could go on!

Add onto that, how do you measure if everyone received and understood your message?  Strong communication is vital in ensuring your business succeeds. With a healthy line of communication, you create a strong company, happy employees, better productivity, strong growth, and great success. 

This is how an employee management app can help you bridge the gap. In the click of a button, you can send important updates and announcements, open a virtual suggestion box to receive feedback and act on it, send feedback surveys to understand how your employees are truly feeling so you can eliminate bottlenecks, share personal updates like birthdays and anniversaries to boost engagement, and so on. 

2. Simplify operations

An employee management app allows you to move all manual workflows, checklists, and forms to the digital world so that it’s much easier to structure information flow and organize employee needs. 

For example, if an employee needs a new uniform then they can do so via the app, in real-time without the hassle of filling out a paper form which can take months to process – that is if it isn’t lost in an endless email chain. Employees can instantly add their signature, GPS location, picture, voice note, and more so you know nothing gets left out. Once the form is submitted, the designated person is alerted can begin to process the request without ever having missed a beat. 

In addition, going paperless can save a ton in business costs that only add up in the long run. 

3. Higher engagement levels

Employee engagement is always the name of the game. Managers and small business owners are always looking for ways to enhance their employee’s engagement. Because as we all know, engaged employees positively impact the bottom line. From better retention to strong company culture to higher productivity levels and so much more.

Establishing a healthy engagement culture from day one can ensure you have happier and productive employees for the length of their run in your company. With an employee management app, you can regularly issue surveys to gauge their satisfaction and concerns, start a one-on-one chat to offer a helping hand, share birthday wishes so everyone can chime in, recognize the employee of the month, and more. 

Also, ensure communication is a two-way street so they really feel valued, appreciated, and heard. 

4. Enhance onboarding and professional skills

As mentioned, you are in charge of setting the tone of an employee’s first day, this is why a strong and smooth onboarding process is crucial. It helps to keep things stress-free, simple, and manageable for both the employee and the manager. 

An employee management app allows you to outline the necessary steps of the onboarding process, from day one to week one to month one. Issue tests and quizzes to ensure all material is understood, share videos for the employee to watch, set a mentor to check in on the new hire on a regular basis, create chapters they go through one-by-one, and more. And as a manager, you can monitor their progress so if additional training is needed, you can see this in real-time.

In conclusion…

There are so many more benefits that an employee management app offers, we’re only just getting started. Just know that with the right solution, you will get the most out of your employees. After all, motivated, productive, and hardworking employees will lead to success while unmotivated, dissatisfied, and lazy employees can tear down everything you’re built up. So roll up your sleeves and find the right solution for you, your company, and your team.

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