Digital Age Doesn’t Affect Family Time

Many people argue that technology creates serious divisions amongst families. Children spend their time watching television or playing video games instead of spending quality time with their loved ones. Parents, on the other hand, aren’t eager to limit their youngster’s screen time. Why? Probably because they are too observed by the technology themselves. It can’t be denied that digital technology has invaded our everyday lives, but it doesn’t teach passivity. The only thing that machinery and devices have done is accommodate ease of life.

Computer and mobile technology, when used appropriately, bring families closer together. Living in the 21st century doesn’t make it tough for them to do the things that they enjoy. At present, there are no longer boundaries and just about everyone can enjoy technology, in ways that were not even imaginable until a couple of years ago. The question now is – how do you spend more time together in a world filled with technology? The answer isn’t so simple. Keep on reading to discover how you can stay connected.


Cooking together as a family

There are times when you worry that your kids are going to turn into zombies. They constantly check up on their social media accounts and just can’t seem to let go of the smartphone. Screen time shouldn’t take up too much of your loved one’s lives. Your children won’t become cyber-zombies, but it’s a good idea to take their phones away and invite them in the kitchen. Cook together. Until recently, you’ve cooked for the family. Now, you’ll be cooking with the family. Preparing meals provides the chance to come together as a family, share and bond.

Technology isn’t necessarily to blame for the fact that you can’t cultivate a healthy relationship. You and your kids live very busy lifestyles. While you’re preoccupied with work, your young ones have to do homework and take on all kinds of responsibilities. The best thing for you and your loved ones is to take a break from digital life and build your own culinary team. Go over the menu and the grocery list and make sure to involve your family in every step of the process, like cutting ingredients, setting the table, preparing the salad, and so on and so forth.

Technology shouldn’t be totally excluded from the kitchen. Let’s say that you’re preparing a turkey. How do you know if it’s cooked? Instead of checking the turkey every two minutes, you can sit back and relax, receiving a notification on your smartphone thanks to an app-connected thermometer.  

Having a family game night

There used to be a time when families would come together and play games. These gatherings were all about hanging out and having fun. Starting a family game night is the best thing that you can do. Games are great when it comes down to developing motor skills, not to mention that this form of entertainment forces people to interact and maintain strong lines of communication. If you’re not in the mood for technological games, try Scrabble. Benefits of playing the game include teaching vocabulary, strategy, building intellectual capacity, and, of course, social bonding.

Finding the best scoring words isn’t easy. It’s a good thing that there are Scrabble word finders. You can discover all possible combinations and score high points. To use scrabble word finder, click here. This isn’t anything like cheating. You’re simply getting the help that you need. You don’t want your children to think that you have a poor vocabulary, do you? Whether or not you love the game, it contributes to literacy. If you happen to suck at the game, then do something about it. Okay, maybe Scrabble isn’t your cup of tea. You’ll be happy to know that there are many great board games you can play with your family, such as Monopoly, chess, Snakes and Ladders. Pick one and play. Better yet, let your family make the decision.

Going for a drive

When was the last time that you took your loved ones on a trip? Chances are that it has been too long. Youngsters should spend more time outside. Start the car engine and take your family for a drive. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any destination in mind. Getting out of the house for a while will do you good. Life in itself is an adventure, meaning that you don’t need much to have a good time. If you’re able to take time off from work, then take your family on a nice vacation. You deserve it. A family vacation is a perfect opportunity to make new memories and try new things. Just think about it.

More about the digital age and family time

Every once in a while, it’s necessary to get away from it all. However, it shouldn’t be understood that machines and devices are a bad thing. Owing to innovations like instant messaging, you can keep in touch with your children and your spouse. Imagine the following scenario: you leave the kids at your parents. You can check up on how they are doing or send them interesting things. Basically, you can interact even though you’re miles away.

The thing is that you’ll want your kids to grow up to be fluent in technology. This is just as important as knowing a second language nowadays. As a rule, people need to be able to use computers, the Internet, and electronic devices, which are essential in the modern world.

The fact of the matter is that technology alone can improve togetherness, making it possible to connect in fun ways. You shouldn’t be afraid of the fact that machines and devices will take over your life because they won’t. Not if you let them, of course. Use technology together with your loved ones, showing them the right and the wrong use. When parents use technology with their offspring, they tend to view it more positively. So, by all means, have conversations with your loved ones on social media or chat using instant messaging.      

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