Cremation Diamonds: When the World is Running Out of Burial Space

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough and it is only going to become more difficult. For many, the dilemma between steep costs and the desire to give a deceased loved one the right burial is too much to bear. As a remedy, a new alternative has emerged: Cremation Diamonds.

Ashes to Diamonds as a Solution to the Lack of Burial Space

The cost of hosting a burial ceremony is anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 – even more in some cases. There is also the matter of burial space. Rent cost of burial space is also on the rise due to the limited amount of space available left. It is a problem that occurs around the world. A quick and realistic solution is needed.

In large cities such as London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, burial space is running out at a staggering rate, causing serious concerns and a sharp increase in rental cost for the remaining available burial space. That sharp increase is beginning to affect families who have already buried their loved ones, simply because burial space rental needs to be renewed every year.

At the moment, an estimated 55 million people pass away every year. That’s 0.8% of the world’s population and a staggering number. There is also the fact that developers focus more on building for the living instead of developing new burial space for the deceased.


Some solutions work as alternatives. There are companies that offer cremation services as well as facilities for storing ashes. Families can store the ashes of their loved ones in urns, and have these facilities store and maintain the urns for an extended period of time. This particular solution works, but it still costs too much for a lot of families, especially when you consider the annual fees they have to bear.

A new solution that has become very popular is cremation diamonds. As the name suggests, cremation diamonds are diamonds made from the ashes, cremated bones, and hair of deceased loved ones through a scientific process. The result is a precious stone that can be kept in the family for generations; after all, diamonds are forever.

Cremation Diamonds Specialists Companies to Pave a New Way in the Funeral Industry

The funeral industry is evolving, and families are exploring new ideas and solutions.

The technology behind cremation diamonds has evolved rapidly too. Specialist companies have taken the technology used to manufacture synthetic diamonds and refined that technology to a whole new level. As a result, cremation diamonds today are not only beautiful, but also come in different varieties of cuts and colors.


One of the leading companies in this industry is the Swiss-based LONITÉ. The company has been producing high-quality memorial diamonds using state-of-the-art technology and advanced processing. The carbon from ashes, cremated bones, and hair of deceased loved ones are transformed into beautiful diamonds through heating, pressurization, and cooling.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing cremation diamond as a solution is its everlasting nature. Memorial diamonds are just as durable – if not more durable – than natural diamonds, so they will last for a long time. It is a great way to cherish the memories of a deceased loved one. The diamonds can be made into jewelry and be passed down from generation to generation.

It is also worth noting that the cremation diamond stays with the family forever. You can always look back at the beautiful memories you had with the deceased loved ones whenever you look at the diamond made from their ashes.

Cremation Diamonds vs Cemetery Burials – Which one is the Greenest Solution

Cemetery burial is the traditional way of giving a deceased loved one a proper sendoff. It is a time when family and friends gather to remember the person and all of the good things that person did. Unfortunately, it is difficult to ignore the fact that cemetery burials are now very expensive. The cost of renting a burial space alone is too much for a lot of families; the cost of hosting the ceremony is a burden of its own.

Additionally, cemetery burials are not environmentally-friendly at all. During the body preparation called embalming, fluids and products are released and are said to be extremely polluting to the earth. In the long term, traditional cemetery burials release 10% more CO² because of the coffin, the tomb maintenance and gardening damaging the groundwater.

Cremation diamonds, on the other hand, are the future. More and more families, especially in the US, choose to immortalize their deceased loved ones in diamonds made from their ashes. The diamonds then get added to various jewelry, including necklaces, engagement rings, and other family heirlooms.


Turning ashes into diamonds appear as a greener solution on the long term. The cremation ceremony itself releases gas into the air which is also polluting indeed but its stops there if you choose the ashes to diamond solution afterward. No, no coffin, no maintenance, no gardening needed and therefore no pollution. Just a beautiful diamond that you can keep close to you at all time.

The cost of creating cremation diamond is substantially lower than the long-term costs of cemetery burials. You can expect to spend anywhere around $1,700 to a little over $17,000 for the best memorial diamond. The process takes a varying amount of time too, with the best quality diamond requiring up to a full year of processing. Nevertheless, it is a lovely way of honoring and remembering a deceased loved one.

Specialist companies continue to improve their cremation diamond processing technology. Soon, cremation diamonds will be more affordable, making this alternative the perfect way to give deceased loved ones the sendoff they deserve.

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