2 new cool gadgets for fishing

Fishing has sure come a long way in recent years, and that’s all thanks to the many technological developments happening with every day that goes by. While some anglers say that fishing and technology don’t go well together, others might want to take advantage of every gadget in order to increase their performance.

And who can blame the latter, seeing how much a difference the right equipment can make when it comes to fishing success? We’ve come up with two suggestions you might want to try out if you’re new to fishing or if you haven’t integrated any new angling devices in your routine.

A fish finder

For some years, this gadget has been go-to for some fishers, be they, men or women. Older models used to depict fish as small arches, and the rest of the underwater environment was somewhat hard to tell given the poor graphics of various prototypes.

Nowadays, though, things have changed quite a bit. Fishfinders come in many shapes and sizes and are packed with some of the most advanced capabilities, many of which might never even have crossed your mind. Chartplotters, sonars, and a variety of other devices are becoming more and more popular as we speak.

Some such devices are still left behind, which is to say that they rely on the same old display developed by companies like Garmin and Humminbird. Compact fish finders are recommended for kayak fishers, but they can prove their worth under a variety of other situations.

But more than anything else, something that has anglers raving about it is the portable fish finder. What this type of gadget is, in fact, is a transducer with a variable depth capability depending on the model one can select. In most cases, the portability-related benefit comes from the fact that these products can connect to any mobile device via wireless and use that gadget’s display to show the angler what’s happening underwater. iBobber, FishHunter, and Deeper are some of the best-known devices in this line.

The neat thing about some of them is that they often have a myriad of functionalities. For instance, depending on the model, a Deeper fish finder can be used both for fresh and saltwater fishing and for ice fishing. It’s equipped with a flasher mode.

A bite alarm

The fishing regulations of most American states allow anglers to use as many as two rods at a time. But what that means is that the fisher has to check one and jiggle the bait, and then move on to the other pole and do the same. While typically, catching fish takes time, with this type of gadget you won’t have to bother to do all of the hard work.

The bite alarm will let out a beep, and then you can find out if there’s a fish interested in the bait and if you have to start reeling in. Usually, such an alarm can be installed easily and conveniently on any rod and can be utilized with any reel, including a great model such as the one that is recommended here.

Best of all, fish bite alarms don’t cost a fortune.


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