Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Are you tired of watching your children waste their vacation watching TV and sleeping on the Sofa? It’s time for a change. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to build your child’s socializing skills. But you have trouble getting through your kids through words. So what do you do? You buy an electric scooter. 

Riding a scooter is a thrilling experience. You meet new kids and make friends. Your child will learn a lot about the world with an electric scooter. Plus, electric scooters are less exhausting than a bicycle. So with that said, let’s explore some of the best electric scooters for kids. 

Two of The Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Electric scooters became an overnight sensation a few years ago, and now every kid wants one. But as a parent, you are probably looking for more information on the subject before you invest your money. So here are the best electric scooters for kids. 

  1. Segway Ninebot Series 

The fully loaded Segway E8 comes with unique features. Each model offers a different speed and handlebar length. You should pick a scooter that’s safe for your kids, and the Segway Ninebot series is the best choice. All scooters in this series are comfortable and durable. The E8 has a slower speed for safety, and it can go up to 2.3 km/hr. Plus, this bike has a narrow handlebar making it ideal for young kids. 

The Segway series offers a smooth ride and handles bumps efficiently. You don’t have to worry about your kids falling off because it has a front-wheel spring damping system. 

The best feature of this bike is that it offers a cruise control and safety mode system. You don’t have to worry about your kids when they are on a Segway series electric scooter. Plus, your child won’t be exhausted because the cruise control system continuously prevents keeping the throttle engaged. 

  1. Razor Power Core Series

The Razor power core series offers a wide variety of electric scooters for kids of all ages. The best Razor series scooters are E80 and E100. Most buyers are confused between both scooters. While the E80 has double the ride time, it has a bumpy ride. On the other hand, the E100 compromises ride time with more suspension control. 

Your children won’t need to charge their electric scooter because the E80 has a longer battery time. Plus, it has a hub motor which requires less maintenance compared to the E100. Most parents are impressed by the features of the Razor series, and its price competitiveness attracts plenty of buyers.  

How to Choose The Best Electric Scooter for Kids 

Electric scooters are trending, adventurous and fun. Kids love to explore the outdoors, and with an electric scooter, you will be improving your child’s experience. Many electric scooter brands in Australia have age guides for children. But you know your child better. Sometimes, 4-year-old children won’t fit in an electric scooter their age because they aren’t tall enough. Here are a few things you should look out for when buying an electric scooter for kids.

The Start Button 

One of the first things about buying an electric scooter is knowing how your child likes to start it. Pressing the push start button or the throttle are two options. Many child surveys have shown that kids like to push-start their electric scooters because it’s convenient. Plus, it shows that they have the latest model. 

Handlebar Height

You might like an electric scooter and buy it for your kids. When they ride it, one can reach the handle, and the other can’t. This can be difficult to manage. It’s best to take your children with you when buying an electric scooter.

You want your child to have a comfortable experience, so it’s better to buy a scooter in which your child can reach the handle. Don’t wait for your child to grow into the new scooter because riding an electric scooter with a large handle is difficult to maneuver. 

Foot Deck Length and Width

Foot deck length and width play a crucial role in determining your child’s riding experience. Kids prefer scooters on which they can rest their feet. So, you’ll need to look for an electric scooter with a big enough foot deck. More often than not, parents buy an electric scooter with a small deck; this becomes a problem in the future as your child grows. So, it’s best to buy an electric scooter with a bigger foot deck because this purchase will last you for years. 

Ride Time 

Of course, you can’t ignore this fact. Kids love to ride, and if their electric scooter only lasts for 10 minutes, where is the fun in that? An ideal scooter should last around 30 minutes. But even that’s not enough. Therefore, most customers prefer the E80 because of its 80 minutes ride time. You might save a few dollars by buying an electric scooter with a small battery, but you’ll ruin your child’s fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters 

Some parents are very cautious with their children. If you are one of those parents, you might have a lot of questions. While we might not answer all of them, here are a few common questions we have answered. 

Q1: Are electric scooters legal?

In most places, electric scooters are completely legal. Your child won’t face any trouble, but it’s best to keep your children within your sight. Don’t let them go on the road with their electric scooter. Otherwise, you might face some form of penalty. 

Q2: Are electric scooters easy to ride?

Electric scooters are easier than riding a bicycle. Learning how to ride an electric scooter only takes a few minutes. 

Q3: How do electric scooters work?

Electric scooters don’t have an engine or a chain (in the latest models) that might cause your child any harm. They have a throttle, battery, and a motor. 


An electric scooter is an excellent birthday present for your kids. These scooters allow your children to become independent and responsible. Your children will take care of their scooter. Plus, you can teach your children to save money from their allowance and spend it on maintenance and other scooter costs.

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