5 Safety Tips To Follow While Riding A Scooter

Photo by Denniz Futalan from Pexels

Scooters are everywhere. Run your eyes around, and you will find youngsters swaying around on their pro scooters, electric scooters carrying kids to their schools, and even adults tracing the roads on adult scooters. 

Several reasons contribute to the rising popularity of scooters. They are quick, practical, require minimal maintenance, and produce no pollution. However, there is just one concern associated with riding a scooter, and that is the rider’s safety. But keeping a few tips in mind, anyone can ride a scooter safely. 

Here are 5 safety tips you must follow while riding a scooter. 

Tip #1: Do not ride without a helmet 

Needless to say, riding without safety gear makes you vulnerable to severe injuries on incidences of falls or accidents. Wearing a helmet is all you need to do to keep yourself safe while riding your scooter. 

Do not cut corners while buying a helmet for your scooter. Buy a full-face helmet that provides optimum protection to your jaws too. Ensure that your helmet has essential certifications, such as Snell, etc. 

Tip #2: Dress appropriately 

Dressing appropriately might not come across as important to you while riding a scooter, but inappropriate clothes can make you vulnerable to dangers. 

Layer your clothing while gearing up for a scooter ride, and make sure the outer layer is the brightest. It makes you more visible to others. 

While riding chilly winters, wear gloves to ensure that your hands are responsive for acceleration and braking.

Tip #3: Be careful on slippery surfaces 

Wet and slippery surfaces are dangerous territories for scooter riders. As rain and snow can reduce the traction of the surface, it tends to get slippery, increasing the risk of falls for two-wheeled vehicles. 

Slow down while cruising on wet streets, marble tiles, and metal surfaces. Apply brakes slowly.  

Tip #4: Grab the handlebars with both your hands 

Just like it is dangerous to drive a car or a bike with one hand, it is equally dangerous to ride your scooter with only one hand grabbing the handlebars. 

Scooters have smaller wheels, and hence, a very small contact patch on the surface. Moreover, you get less ground clearance for cornering, posing chances of feeling jolts and bumps more intensely. 

Unfortunately, some scooter riders underestimate the perils of riding a scooter with one hand and meet accidents. So, steer clear from one-arm riding. 

Tip #5: Do not leave your home without inspecting your scooter

Although scooters do not require the kind of maintenance any motor-powered vehicle requires, it is still essential to inspect your scooter every now and then. 

Make it a point to check your scooter thoroughly before leaving your home. From tires to brakes,  ensure everything is in good condition. 

This quick inspection guide will help you in this respect. 

Things to check before every ride

  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Check the brakes. 
  • Check the folding mechanism.

Things to check weekly or fortnightly

  • Check the brake discs to find out if they are bent or straight. 
  • Check the screws and bolts. 

Leaving home knowing that your scooter is in the finest condition keeps you from meeting unwanted and dangerous surprises in the middle of your joyful rides. 

The bottom line 

As scooters are easy and swift rides, safety while riding them is an underestimated prospect. But not riding a scooter keeping the precautions in mind can lead to serious accidents. Hence, always prioritise your safety while riding a scooter. 

Use these safety tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable scooter ride. 

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