First Motorcycle Helmet with Rear Vision

The MSX1 helmet – look behind you

MSX1 – high quality helmet with Rear Vision
Reevu recently launched the world’s first “Rear Vision” motorcycle helmet. Under development for several years now, the advanced helmet might help prevent motorcycle accidents and make our roads a safer place for both 4 wheeled vehicles and two wheeled ones.
Reevu’s new RV FSX1 helmet uses a polycarbonate material with highly reflective qualities similar to glass but almost unbreakable and much lighter (the entire helmet weighs around 1.5 kg). The helmet was already tested and approved to DOT standard for export into the USA and is fully ECE 22.O5 accredited for European market as well as several safety standards.
The MSX1 rear vision system doesn’t use a digital camera. Instead it uses a mechanical/optical components that bends light over the drivers head allowing him/her to see what’s directly behind using a small mirror inside the helmet – just like a miniature version of the mirror you can find in almost any car these days. This system is much more robust, does not require any batteries and has very little chance of breaking.
To prevent glare coming from cars and vehicles behind the driver, the helmet uses a series of reflective surfaces that limit the intensity of light hitting the front reflective surface significantly. Even a slight turn of the head can ensure the reflective light path is stopped. The helmet also comes with a fitted mirror rear visor which also reduces sun and headlamp dazzle.
The MSX1 keeps ventilated using a cavity produced by its rear view system to create a chimney effect that pulls cool air through and over the top of the users head.
The RV MSX1 cost around $400 and you can find out more about it on the Reevu website.

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WebBikeWorld did an excellent quick look video at the MSX1

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