Five Appealing Ottomatik Backup Features that Everyone Loves

Nowadays, website management is becoming a lot more manageable and simpler thanks to the advancements in technology in the area. It is not, however, to say that things cannot go wrong while running a site. In a micro-second, you could end up losing all your data because of factors that are out of your control.

To avoid getting into this mess, be sure to back up all vital data as it could save a life someday. While there are numerous web service back up providers out there, none quite works as wonderfully as Ottomatik. It comes with numerous features that enable them to deliver exceptional services to clients. Below we discuss the top five Ottomatik features that customers find appealing.


  • MySQL Backup & Restore


Scheduled MySQL backups that come with (point and click) backup restore are a favorite to people who require superior back up services. Many people appreciate the fact that the process is seamless where they get to enjoy the service with next to zero setups on their end.

You only need to follow three steps to set up free mysql backup in the following order:

  1. Choose the ideal storage location.
  2. Run a 1-line install command on your business server.
  3. Approve settings that are auto-detected for database credentials, as well as the creation of backup jobs.

The entire process does not demand a lot of time or effort as it is as simple as a total of four clicks on a single CLI command.


  • Effortless Server Configuration


While still on the topic of MySQL database backups, clients also find the fact that they do not have to manually configure the servers quite beneficial. It is because the installation script does many things automatically including:

  • Installing SSH key.
  • Detecting users, home directory, SSH port and IP address.
  • Installation of software dependencies.
  1. Super-Speedy Disaster Recovery.

Should you need to access data that you had previously backed up, Ottomatik allows you to recover it very fast. All you need to do is hit the large red button that appears on the backup parachute you need to restore.

What makes the process straightforward is that sensible defaults are typically pre-determined. However, there is also the option of hand-picking the backups you are interested in restoring.

Additionally, you will also be happy to learn that you can restore to a different server that exists on your account. If you do not like the option, restoration to a database that does not exist presently is also viable. It makes it a lot stress-free when a customer wants to test any earlier backups or to migrate their production data to a preferred server.


  • File and Directory Backups


It is one of the most popular Ottomatik services that clients like to take advantage of. It permits individuals to secure their data in a reliable manner. Here you can either use advanced pattern matching and simple file naming to backup directories and files.

The web service is quite convenient in that clients can choose the parts of the file that they want to backup and leave out the areas that are not necessary. Customers are also at liberty to add personal S3 folder organization, which happens at the backup job level.


  • Top-notch Security


Ottomatik offers backup services that meet the highest stringent compliance and security measures. You can trust that the company does an excellent job as it uses its own services to backup its data. This implies that it trusts in its services and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

All the technologies and processes that the company web service utilizes are top-grade and have gone through all measures to be proven secure and stable. This includes encrypting all sensitive data, authentication of the public key, and the encryption of SSL network communications among many others.

It also helps to note that the company’s web service has role management and user feature, where clients can choose the kind of responsibilities that owners, administrators, and general users have to avoid accessing data illegally.

Worth mentioning is that Ottomatik offers affordable packages that allow you to enjoy superior backup services that are well-suited for all your personal or business needs.

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