How Businesses Can Create More Engaging Videos for Social Media

As more and more businesses publish videos on social media, their goal is often to engage as many viewers as possible. It is easy to see why, as engaging videos retain more viewers, encourage interaction, get shared frequently, and ultimately increase conversions – which is crucial for any business.

While creating engaging videos may seem tricky – there are actually several easy ways that you could go about it for your business:

  • Create ‘bite-sized’, short videos

Compared to other online video platforms, social media viewers generally prefer short videos that are bite-sized and can be watched quickly. Creating such videos will do wonders for your engagement, as viewers are more likely to watch videos all the way to the end.

As far as possible try creating videos that are 60 seconds long – or less. For some types of videos and certain demographics, you may be able to experiment a bit and create videos that are slightly longer (i.e. 2 to 3 minutes).

  • Provoke an emotional response

Videos that make viewers feel any emotion tend to be much more engaging. That is the main reason why funny, inspiring, and surprising videos often get so many comments, shares, and other reactions on social media.

To provoke an emotional response, your video needs to be planned accordingly. Either the content itself will have to play on emotions in some way, or the video will have to get people to feel emotionally invested in the subject or topic.

  • Outline benefits in the first 10 seconds

Most social media videos have about 10 seconds to convince viewers to watch, otherwise, they’ll keep scrolling through their feed. That is why you should try to ensure your business videos give viewers a reason to keep watching – normally by outlining the benefits they’ll gain.

If you tell viewers what benefits they stand to gain in the first few seconds, you should be able to hook them and retain a lot more viewers.

  • Visually deliver the message

Recently more viewers are starting to watch videos on social media with the volume turned down or muted – which makes it all the more important to deliver the message visually. If you want you could use a video editor such as Movavi Video Editor to add captions or subtitles and click here to find out more.

  • Track and analyze every video

As your business publishes social media videos, you should track the performance of each one and analyze it. In particular, you should try to identify why some videos are more engaging than others, and then learn from that.

Over time this will help you to discover more about your target market and what types of social media videos it finds engaging.

Now that you know how to start creating more engaging videos for your business, try putting it into practice. Odds are you’ll be able to immediately see a notable increase in engagement, and as you continue to create more videos you can fine tune your approach and improve on it further.

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