Top 6 Video Presentation Ideas for Your Business

If you want to stand out of the competition and get your audience impressed with your business, you should certainly consider the video presentation practice. According to the audience survey, 100% of people think the presentation should include visuals, and about 40% are confident this is an absolute must in presentations. 

The video presentation is simply the best way of keeping the audiences engaged and interested in your business as well as prevent them from boringly scrolling the smartphones and looking forward to escaping. However, it’s often challenging to create the right story for different audiences to clearly yet interactively present the main business concepts. In this article, you’ll find the most catching business presentation ideas that can introduce nearly any kind of business in the best possible light. 

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Best Ideas for Business Video Creating

Depending on the goals of your business presentation, there are multiple concepts of video to choose from. Let’s now uncover the most common types of business videos you can start with for creating a powerful presentation. 

Sales Videos

One of the essential ways to employ video making is sales. In fact, business videos can significantly enhance sales and boost the overall performance of your business. The main goal of this type of videos is to provide a unique value proposition and encourage the audiences to purchase. 

Some great options to include in the sales videos are:

  • introducing the brand and its upcoming products
  • showing the product’s main features and benefits
  • providing the competitors’ analysis, why your product is a winning option to choose

According to HubSpot, video has already become an important business tool for strengthening the marketing strategy: so far, over 86% of businesses include video to provide a better brand presentation and audience engagement. 

Product Demo Video

To make people buy the product or service, it’s essential to create the story of what solution your business can provide to the specific problem. Making a product demo video is a great chance to present the product’s concept, analyze its features and present its strong sides. 

These videos can also be at hand for social media marketing campaigns: you can share them on the official business accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular platforms. Most of the brands also use TikTok as a powerful tool for reaching various audiences at a time with short yet catching videos. The key point to mind here is to carefully organize your launch content, so it can organically fit into the overall profile picture. 

HR Video

To announce the recruiting campaign, it’s no use of solely publishing standard job invitation forms on different job-hunting services. Instead, you’ll increase the efficiency with posting the interactive HR video to present your company and get the potential candidates interested in it! 

In this type of business video, you can provide all the basic requirements and working conditions, nice bonuses, career perspectives, and finally say why your company is the best option applicants should consider. Such a great recruitment method can greatly enhance the hiring process and increase your business authority as well. 

Investor Pitch Video

Business videos can be created not only for the customers and potential employees. That’s also one of the most effective methods to attract new investors and provide the business performance report for the present ones. 

However, instead of focusing on the products and their value, in investor pitch videos you should pay attention to the deep analysis, critical performance measurements, future predictions, and the potential of your business. Along with that, this video should be interactive and catchy, so adding the visual and sound effects, choosing the most suitable color theme and filters is simply a must for investor pitch videos. To make sure you’re not overdoing this, start the simple editing with the video editing tools like Final Cut Pro or Vegas Pro and gradually make the improvements to your investor videos. 

Employee Onboarding & Internal Training

No matter what type of business you manage, the employee onboarding process matters anyway. Instead of wasting time and resources on individual training for each new member of your team, it’s better to use multiple pre-made video training with detailed guidelines for the management of the different tasks. You can also apply the video templates when making the onboarding and training videos to optimize the time required for their creation. 

This simple yet effective trick can not only enhance the onboarding process but also optimize the resources needed to prepare the new employees or upgrade the skills of your initial team members.

How to Create a Professional Business Video? 

The video concept is only one part that defines its efficiency. Another important thing to consider is the video editing process, as even the most brilliant idea can be easily ruined by amateur editing. To succeed in creating a quality business video for presentation, consider the following:

  • Prioritize clear audio and use quality recording equipment. On top of that, You can also try adding voiceovers to your professional business videos using text to speech tool, which makes your video more engaging. 
  • Use a clear background with soft light. It’s recommended to get the shooting in the morning or evening. 
  • Shoot from various angles to make the video more interactive and live.
  • Choose the professional video editing software and movie converter. Such tools should include the basic editing tools and be compatible with a wide range of formats. 
  • Keep the editing simple and do not overdo the effects. Also, ensure your audio matches the image and use the preview function to spot any minor issues before the final upload. 

For sure, that’s not the complete list of things to consider to make your business presentation look more professional. However, applying these tips can surely enhance the final outcome of your work. 


As you can see, the video presentation is now one of the most interactive methods to show your business in the best possible light. Not only can it strengthen your business strategy and present its strong points, but can also give the overall impression regarding the business itself. 

So, a business video is like a company’s trademark: the better it is, the more benefits it can bring! 

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