Elements of Website Content with the Highest Impact

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

More and more brick-and-mortar stores are closing shop with the recent boom of online shopping. This is because digital marketing not only means convenience and a broad variety to pick from for shoppers but also decreased running costs for entrepreneurs. Creating a website then uploading a picture or two of your products and hoping people will troop to your online shop is no longer enough with the current competition. You need to churn content that keeps people on your site for a long time and motivates them to return for you to convince them to make a purchase.

The following are the factors that will maximize the impact of your website’s content.

Arousal of Emotions

A study entitled ‘’what makes online content viral’’ noted that articles with the highest impact online aroused a range of emotions including awe, amusement or excitement. Even articles that generated negative emotions like anxiety and anger were quite far-reaching online. When you aim to evoke emotion with your website’s article, this makes it easily shareable and people will want to refer to it in the future. This, for your website, means repeat clients and drawing in new clients through the article’s sharing.


Educational, useful and practical content is among the highest shared online. People will enjoy sharing these articles to help others, as a means of social exchange that generates reciprocity or for self-development. How-to articles and infographics are among the most practical since they offer your readers clear strategies that they can immediately use for decision-making.


To reach the largest audience, the readability of your article should equal the level of comprehension of a ninth-grader. Making an article readable does not necessarily mean simplifying it. If you have too high a readability score, you can lower it by replacing complex academic words or sentences with others that are common and familiar. A low readability score means that an article can be shared among many people rather than a select few in a specific industry that understands the terms you have used.

Power Words Used In Introductions and Topics

With the competition to convince people to click on your article, it is essential to use the right words in your topics and introduction so that you capture their attention. Power words will not just get people interested in what your article communicates but will also determine the type of audience the article attracts. Thankfully, you can now use online data visualization tools like tableau for market analysis and arrangement of the best-performing keywords among your target audience. You can then aim to include these keywords in just the right density throughout your articles to attract people.


People will only share and keep referring to articles that they find trustworthy. You can generate credibility in your articles by quoting the experts in your sector and relevant statistics. Even personal stories from the noteworthy people in an industry will get a significant boost from statistics to back them up. Nowadays, you can also reach out to credible influencers in your industry to encourage people to check out your articles.

The Right Time of Publishing Content

The time you will post your content is as important as the type of content you post on your website and so you should always pick the time of posting carefully. An average blog post will get the highest amount of online traffic at around 11 am as people settle into their days and take time out to skim online content. Websites that churn DIY articles will often see high online traffic on weekends as people get more time to try out the suggestions at this time. On the other hand, sites that focus on motivation and work-related issues get the highest online traffic on weekdays.

Visual Appeal

When creating online content, you cannot afford to ignore visuals in the form of your content’s layout, typography, images and videos. Experts found out that the addition of images to tweets boosted retweets by 35% while Facebook posts with images had interaction rates of 87%. As concerns layout, people will struggle to read long paragraphs with no white space around them and thus abandon your article midway. Other than images to make your article visually appealing, aim for short paragraphs surrounded by white space while paying attention to column width, letter spacing and word spacing.

Success in online marketing is challenging but not altogether impossible when you focus your efforts on the right elements. With the above factors in your content, you are sure to get a share of the huge profits available from the large online audience nowadays. Even so, they might not all work for companies across different sectors. As such, before settling on the ones that will work best for your venture, get a professional to consider your company specifics and guide your choice.

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