Middleware Paves the Way for a New Generation of Hybrid Messaging Applications

Hybrid messaging is a new concept that is disrupting digital communications. It occurs when organizations use a combination of cloud-based platforms and remote technology to engage with their stakeholders. There are a number of reasons that hybrid messaging is becoming popular, but there are some key limitations of existing platforms. Stephanos Bacon explains that middleware is addressing some of these challenges and opening the door for newer and more robust hybrid messaging applications.

Why is middleware playing important role in the evolution of hybrid messaging?

Middleware is a solution that bridges compatibility issues between two similar but functionally different applications. It is especially useful for syncing local messaging services and other desktop applications with cloud-based communication platforms.

The first middleware applications were made available back in the late 1960s. However, the original middleware solutions were not equipped to deal with modern cloud computing connections. They were restricted to core mainframes or servers and could only connect applications, services and devices that shared the same architecture. Modern middleware must connect applications from different servers to ensure a seamless communication between different messaging platforms. Organizations need someone that can setup custom middleware in Django or a similar platform. Developers can take a Django course that covers the fundamentals behind the process.

Examples of brands that are using middleware to develop hybrid messaging platforms

A number of organizations have started using new middleware platforms to optimize their cross-platform messaging solutions. Here are a few that are making the biggest impact.

RoboMQ by IBM

RoboMQ was developed by IBM and is one of the most advanced hybrid messaging solutions. It is a fully integrated platform that is able to connect almost any sensor, device or SAS application, provided it uses industry standard protocols. This solution comes with its own hosted Message Queue. It is a highly reliable and scalable messaging solution that depends on a highly nuanced middleware framework.

CM multi-option messaging delivery

CM has an incredibly versatile hybrid messaging tool. It is a multi-channel platform that merges some of the most effective messaging solutions, including SMS, pushes notifications and voice delivery.

Why hybrid messaging will be in greater demand in the coming years

The growing importance of hybrid messaging cannot be overemphasized. It is going to be even more of a gamechanger in the next few years. Here are some of the reasons this is the case.

Growing access to smartphones

Smartphones played a key role in transforming our digital messaging habits. A number of people began using messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber. Organizations realize that these apps could be effective ways to reach large groups of customers. They could send longer messages then they could with SMS. However, many customers did not install these apps and some still use traditional flip phones. SMS is still the best way to reach these people. Using a combination of the two is the best way to deliver the best communications to all subscribers based on the devices and apps they use.

Executing a multi-regional marketing strategy

The device and apps consumers use aren’t the only factors that need to be taken into consideration when developing a hybrid messaging solution. They must also consider the regional behavior of their subscribers. Developing a hybrid messaging approach for different parts of the country or world may require separate middleware applications.

There a number of reasons they may need different middleware solutions to create unique hybrid messaging approaches for different regions:

  • Different countries have their own regulatory frameworks governing the use of commercial digital messaging. Organizations operating in these areas must develop a hybrid messaging solution that conforms to these laws.
  • Consumers in different regions use different devices and apps. This makes it difficult to apply the same hybrid messaging tactics from one country to another.

Hybrid messaging solutions will become more important as more companies try to penetrate foreign markets. Middleware will play an important role in helping them achieve this goal.

Middleware is Helping Many Companies Develop Better Hybrid Messaging Solutions

The development of middleware was an important turning point in digital technology for over half a century ago. Today, it is still playing an important role by disrupting hybrid messaging systems. It is helping companies send a combination of push notifications, SMS messages and more sophisticated messages .as we head further into the 21st Century  

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