How To Increase Engagement On Your Business Social Media

How To Increase Engagement On Your Business Social Media

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc

As a business owner, you probably already know that social media is a must-have when it comes to your marketing and expanding your overall reach, but just having a presence on social media isn’t enough, and it’s actually much better to reach fewer people but to engage with them well than to reach loads of people who you don’t engage with at all (and who don’t engage with you, come to that). With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to increase engagement on your business social media because all those likes, shares, and comments can really make a positive difference to your bottom line; read on to find out more.

Post Consistently And At The Right Times

If there’s one thing you need to consider and remember when it comes to increasing engagement on your social media business account, it’s consistency. If you post once in a while when you feel like it, your followers aren’t going to be able to rely on getting useful information from you, plus if you’re not regularly posting, they might even forget about you – and your competitors, if they’re posting on a consistent basis, will easily steal those customers from you.

Posting regularly keeps your audience engaged with what you’re doing and it helps you stay on top of their thoughts, but you also need to think about posting at the right times – you’ll need to know when your audience is most active and when they’re most likely to respond to your posts – and see them in the first place. Using various analytics tools plus your own market research can help you work out what’s what.

Use A Social Media Wall

Something that’s going to be unusual and probably not something your competitors are doing – which already means it’s going to create a lot more engagement – is to create a social media wall. This technology takes lots of different online posts and displays them in real time, showing that you’re getting real user-generated content that’s all about your business and what you’re selling.

The more people see this and see that other people are using your business and buying from you, the more motivated they’ll be to do the same, especially if they see their own comments used in the social media wall – that’s exciting, and it’s real proof that you’re a legitimate company; it’s sure to bring in a lot more engagement.

Run Contests

Contests or perhaps giveaways if you prefer, are fantastic for boosting engagement, so it could be a good thing to add to your social media accounts from time to time. Depending on the way you want to go, you’ll need to ask your followers to take certain actions, like sharing a post, tagging a friend, or just liking the post. And guess what? That all counts as brilliant engagement.

If you want to do a contest, the difference is you’ll usually ask your followers to answer a question rather than (or as well as) all the engagement we mentioned above, but in either case, as long as the prize is worthwhile, that extra engagement is going to make a big difference.

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