Train Vacation Packages Throughout North America 2021

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North America is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and scenic places out there. Hence, it is not surprising that travellers dream about exploring every inch of the land. Are you one such traveller who is seeking to witness the magical beauty of North America closely? If yes, then travelling via trains should be a more preferable option to you rather than via airplanes. Yes, it will take some extra time, but a journey by train will allow you to see the place closely. Are you onboard with this idea but want an affordable train journey? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we have carefully curated a list of popular as well as affordable train vacation packages throughout North America for you. Have a look!

  1. Pacific Surfliner

The scenic beauty of the Southern California coastline is no secret. Do you ever dream of exploring every inch of this stunning 351 miles coastline? If yes, then you have to board the Pacific Surfliner by Amtrak. Not only is it one of the most nominal train vacation packages throughout North America, but this one will allow you to witness the diversity of nature all in just one trip. Passengers can expect to take in magnamious ocean views, vast beaches, magnificent mountains, elegant vineyards and nearly two dozen towns from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. No matter whether you wish to have a nice relaxing experience with your family at a beach or get a taste of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle and pop of Los Angeles, this Amtrak vacation will satisfy all your fantasies. Did we mention that in this train vacation, passengers can even go through the historic missions from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo? As if all the beauty was not enough, you will also be pleasantly surprised to know that you can enjoy a maximum 40% discount on this Amtrak vacation, if you book it now!

  1. The Grand Canyon Railway

Running long back from the year 1901, the Grand Canyon Railway has been graced by the presence of numerous leading celebrities and renowned dignitaries. Want to explore the beautiful treasure of North American land in an exceptional way? This 65-miles scenic train ride with Grand Canyon Railways is a promising bet for you. Departing from the historic Williams depot and reaching the Grand Canyon Depot, this train journey is widely considered as one of the most popular train vacation packages throughout North America, especially among families. Along the course of the journey, the riders can expect to see a glimpse of the high desert plains, the lush ponderosa pine forest and small arroyos. However, despite that the trip highlights would undoubtedly include a daily Wild West Shootout. Several classes of services are available in this roughly two hour one-way train journey. It also offers a round-trip for which the travel time extends to approximately eight hours. Another benefit of travelling via Grand Canyon is that it allows families to stay overnight or even multiple nights. This train vacation package will not only be friendly for your senses but also for your budget. 

  1. Rocky Mountaineer First Passage to the West

Are you taking a trip to North America with your peers or cousins? If yes, then you would not want to miss this golden opportunity of taking the Rocky Mountaineer First passage to the West. Suitable for older kids, teens and multi-generational age groups, this train vacation package over the Canadian Rockies is an adventure that no travel lover will ever want to miss. The train will take you to witness the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia and Banff, Alberta within a span of just two days. You will also be pleased to know that the First Passage to the West is largely recognised as one of the most luxurious train vacation packages throughout North America. This sensational train vacation package boasts of offering a scenic route that traverses the Continental Divide and travels through the fabled Spiral Tunnels, over mountain passes and dramatic canyons. Another feather to the hat is that First Passage to the West is the only passenger train vacation package along the historic rail route that first connected Canada’s East and West. Let go of your budget worries for once, and enjoy this once in a lifetime kind of train experience completely!

  1. Alaska Railroad

Blessed with a postcard-perfect scenery, abundant wildlife and pleasant weather, there is absolutely no reason why anyone would want to miss this beautiful place in North America. To make your experience more worthwhile, you should definitely think of taking this exceptional train vacation package throughout North America. The Alaska railroad takes you on a memorable journey of nearly 500 miles from the southern port of Seward to the interior city of Fairbanks. It is an excellent way to bring your dream travel plans to action without spending a fortune. The Alaska Railroad offers two kinds of services including Adventure Class and Gold Star. While both the services offer panoramic windows and dome cards, the Gold Star service has some extra features including glass dome ceiling, upper-level viewing platform, meals, beverages, and more. You can choose the kind of service you want according to your budget restrictions. The best part? No matter whichever service you choose, an experienced Alaska tour guide will accompany you to unlock the historical wisdom, notable landscapes, and more.

  1. California Zephyr

The list of most wonderful train vacation packages throughout North America would be incomplete without mentioning this epic Amtrak vacation package- California Zephyr. Undoubtedly, California is one of the most loved and traveled destinations in North America. While everyone can visit California by any means of transport on their own, what’s special in this train vacation package is that Amtrak allows the wanderlust souls to have one of the most premier overnight journeys in the U.S. You can witness the magic of nature from those amber waves of grain to the purple mountain majesty and the shining sea in this Amtrak train vacation package that too while enjoying up to 20% savings on your bill value. Travelling a whopping 2,400 miles from Chicago, Illinois to Emeryville, California, across the bay from the stunning San Francisco, the entire train journey takes a full three days and two nights to complete. Families are allowed to board or disembark at either end or at any of the 30+ stations along the way. However, with the magical ride that it is, the probability of passengers leaving it incomplete, is as low as of the sun not shining. 

  1. Cass Scenic Railroad

Have you always loved and adored the vintage vibes? Well, then Cass Scenic Railroad will prove to be just the perfect train vacation packages throughout North America for you. West Virginia’s Cass Scenic Railroad is a vintage steam driven locomotive that travels into the Appalachian mountains. Dating long back to the year 1901, this train is pretty popular among families. Starting from Cass depot, this train travels all the way up to Bald Knob which is the second highest point in the state. Along the scenic journey, riders get to witness surreal mountain views, mill towns and even wildlife. The train travels a distance of 11 miles and it takes about 4.5 hours for the train to complete this round trip. A perfect blend of beauty and nominal price range, you should not miss a chance to go on a journey of a lifetime with Cass Scenic Railroad.

Don’t postpone your travel plans anymore, instead enhance your travelling experience by choosing from any of the above-mentioned train journeys in North America. No matter whether you are travelling solo, with friends or family, these exceptional train vacation packages throughout North America with Amtrak and other scenic train rides will prove to be an exciting and memorable experience for all. Happy travelling!

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