Non-Stopping Train

Peng Yu-lun, a Taiwanese inventor who works in a sand and construction materials plant in Sanwan, has recently revealed his latest invention: a train that doesn’t need to stop or slow down, not even in order to pick up or drop off passengers. This “non-stop MRT system” can have many advantages as it will be energy efficient and time saving as well as economic. Peng stated his hopes were to provide a feasible, mass rapid transit plan.

The inventor - Peng Yu-lun
The inventor
Peng Yu-lun

For his previous invention, “step bricks for recreational trails,” Peng Yu-Iun has earned a bronze and a silver medal from the Nuremburg International Inventors Exhibition in Germany and from Taipei International Inventors’ Exhibition.

The idea for the “non-stop MRT system” came to Peng after Hsinchu and Miaoli announced their intention to join up in promoting Hsinchu-Miaoli Light Rail Transit. Using toy trains and track models, Peng developed his innovative idea: a specially designated “boarding” car that is capable of attaching itself and detaching itself from the train, and could be added on top of the train itself.

Passengers will first enter this “boarding” car, which joins the rest of the train after the rear of the traveling train catches up. Accordingly, passengers wishing to get off the train will move to this designated car and wait until it is detached from the train and stop at their station while the rest of the train will continue without even slowing down. A short video depicting this idea can be watched here.

Non-stopping train concept
Non-stopping train concept

Peng gives an example using the Kaohsiung MRT system which is capable of reaching a velocity of 85 kph but actually moves at a slow speed of 35 kph because it must stop at every station. “If the non-stop system were in place, the top velocity of 85 kph could be maintained throughout the system, saving time and energy. Platform equipment and land area required for stations could likewise be reduced. But now the big problem is just precisely how the special boarding and alighting cars will be joined and detached from the main train, ” states Peng, adding that experts will be needed in order to solve these issues.

TFOT covered other personal transit systems including a robotic transport system named ULTra (Urban Light Transport), which can carry up to four passengers at a time to a distance of several kilometers, developed by the British company ATS (Advanced Transport Systems).

More information on Peng Yu Iun’s non-stop MRT system can be found here.

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