CineBox Home Backyard Theater System

The Los Angeles based company Open Air Cinema has recently showcased its CineBox Home Theater system, which offers the experience of home theater outdoors – in one’s garden or backyard. The display is projected on an inflatable screen, providing a huge 123-inch diagonal movie experience. The whole set also includes outdoor speakers and an audio mixer that is compatible with most MP3 and DVD players.

Although the new system was invented by college students, it could fit families as well, assuming they wish to arrange a backyard movie screening. For instance, using the CineBox a large gathering of people could enjoy a movie or a football match without worrying about blocking each other’s views.

The 123-inch movie screen has a 16:9 ratio (wide screen), and according to Open Air Cinema it is extremely easy to set up as it weighs only eight pounds when deflated. Moreover, since it fits in a duffel bag it is possible to transfer it to your best friend’s house, giving him the pleasure of cleaning up after the guests. The kit also includes Sanyo 2300 Lumen DLP projector, an audio mixer with DVD, MP3, microphone compatibility, LED light (for operations at night), and two outdoor speakers.

In order to make inflation easier, Open Air Cinema provides an air blower along a patent-pending air-muffler, which according to the company, makes the air blower almost silent (unlike other air-blowers, which tend to be fairly loud). All in all, the kit seems like a good solution for those who tend to entertain their guests in the swimming pool or the backyard.

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For more information on the CineBox Home Theater system see Open Air Cinema’s website.

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