Luxeed – LED Keyboard

Luxiium Lighting & Technology has developed a unique LED keyboard dubbed “Luxeed.” The LEDs incorporated in this keyboard’s construction allow each user to assign a different color for each key, thus forming shapes, different shades, or adjusting the keyboard’s colors to suit one’s moods. In addition, one can color important or frequently used set of keys for better efficiency.

The LED keyboard is composed of two parts, a numeric and an alphabetic part, that can be attached or separated as required, thus saving space and making the keyboard a more compact one. The alphabetic part is the one that can be illuminated, as it contains a total of 430 LEDs. It can also prove handy when learning how to type as well as when typing in a darkened room.

Two options are available, a white keyboard and a black one. The difference is the parts being lit; the white keyboard illuminates each key while the letters themselves remain black. The black keyboard on the other hand illuminates only the outlines of the letters while the rest of the key is black.

Selecting the color one desires for each key is done via a user-friendly software program. There are different “skins” that can be designed and stored to be retrieved at all times. In addition, the company wants Luxeed to be a communication device as opposed to just a personal gadget. For that purpose they provide a user forum where people can download and share different “skins” that they designed.

TFOT recently covered other innovative keyboards such as a concept called Optimus Tactus. The new keyboard doesn’t have physical keys; instead, any part of the keyboard surface can be programmed to perform any function or to display any images. TFOT also covered designer Jonathan Lucas’s SIAFU, a concept PC specially designed for blind people which utilizes a conceptual material called Magneclay to provide a digitally tactile interface.

More information about Luxeed can be found at the Luxiium website.

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