Orbitsound Single Speaker Stereo

The U.K. Company Orbitsound has recently introduced an innovative portable “sound system,” which delivers stereophonic sound using a single speaker. The new product, named Orbitsound T3, is a small, elegant gadget that is compatible with most music players available today.
The Orbitsound T3 allows users to hear stereo music wherever they go without dragging along an additional speaker while still keeping the overall size small – 102 x 60 x 20mm- and light – only 115-grams. Furthermore, it can be connected to almost any MP3 player or other device via a standard 3.5mm jack, using the provided cable.
Stereophonic sound is the reproduction of sound using two or more independent audio channels through a symmetrical configuration of loudspeakers. Although sound systems that use Dolby Surround have become more and more common during the past few years, some experts argue that since human beings have two ears there is practically no need for more than two audio channels, or two loudspeakers.
Orbitsound’s latest product demonstrated the possibility of creating a “stereo effect” without the need for two speakers; however, the technology behind this new innovation remains a company secret, and very little information has been published about the way it works besides its name: airSOUND. Using this technology, the Orbitsound T3 offers people the ability to hear music without isolating themselves from their environment. However, one immediate, noticeable drawback is that users must wear the speaker around their neck. Although some mobile music freaks might be willing to wear a speaker around their neck every time they want to listen to some music, most people might find the experience somewhat of a turnoff.
On the bright side, device itself is quite stylish: it’s a small black and silver, glossy box, with the speaker in the front. The controls feature three volume modes: off, normal and max. The Orbitsound T3 is powered by an internal battery which can be connected to a PC via a USB cable for a quick recharge (2 hours). According to Orbitsound, a full charge will last for 10 hours of music.
The T3 is currently priced at abut 49 Euros (approximately $73) and if you are not afraid of the geeky look and still want a decent mobile surround sound without putting anything directly in your ear, the T3 might be your best bet.
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For more information on the Orbitsound T3, see the company’s website.

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