Blackbody Improves Stereophonic Sound

Louis Motek, an audio designer, has recently presented an innovative device, the LessLoss Blackbody, which enhances audio playback by addressing the interaction of audio gears’ circuitry with ambient electromagnetic phenomena. The result, according to the manufacturer, would be high quality, fined audio-phonic experience.
 The LessLoss Blackbody has sleek design. (Source: LessLoss)
The LessLoss Blackbody has sleek design. (Source: LessLoss)

This new audio solution is aimed towards audiophiles, and its look conveys this message clearly: it is a plain, matte black box with elegantly rounded corners, just smaller than a CD. This sleek look was designed in order to merge with the appearance of most sound systems, thus affecting the music but not the looks of one’s entertainment area.

The Blackbody takes advantage of the quantum nature of particle interaction, and therefore has the ability to permeate metal, plastic, wood and other barriers to affect the circuitry inside one’s audio components. Although it sounds far-fetched and pretentious, LessLoss claims that their device even surpasses the effect achieved by high-end audio filters.

According to its maker, the Blackbody is not a power-filtering device; rather, it complements power-filtering devices. This is done by addressing audible imperfections, which are common, as they interfere with the system’s direct interaction with ambient electromagnetic phenomena. Therefore, while a power-filtering device has its place and importance, the Blackbody comes into action on the final level of playback.

Ridiculous as it may sound, the Blackbody doesn’t even need connection to the sound system in order to work. It utilizes particle and wave patterns to operate – the only requirement is that it must be placed near the audio system. In order to position the unit properly, users need to think of the device as a flashlight which shines at a 35 degree angle from its center. The invisible “beam” encompasses the circuitry, and it is actually equivalent to the range of effect; without it the sound played will not be altered.

All advantages taken into account, this new device is purely for hard-core audiophiles, which believe it will bring them the benefits promised by LessLoss. It is important to note that improper positioning disables all enhancements, and that users are advised to use trial and error in order to bring the device’s operation into perfection – meaning, if it’s not working just keep moving it around. Therefore, the price tag of $960 is just a bit too much.

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For more information about the LessLoss Blackbody, see the product’s website.

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