Velocity Aircraft – DIY Plane

The Florida based company Velocity Aircraft produces unique sport-aircrafts, which can be assembled by the user. According to the company, their 4-seat canard aircraft is modeled after the successful Long-EZ design. The concept of homebuilt aircrafts could suit people who like the DIY way of life, in addition to anyone looking for in a cheaper way of purchasing a private airplane.

Velocity is offering customers DIY kits that can be easily assembled into aircrafts. The main market for self-assembled aircrafts is people who enjoy engineering and construction-related recreational activities. Once the aircraft is assembled, the amateur pilot can enjoy his or her work and take-off right away. The aircraft seats four (including the pilot), and therefore, can be used for traveling.

Several models are currently being offered for sale by Velocity Aircraft: Standard Elite (SE), Extra Large (XL), XL-5, and TXL. All of them are about 20 feet long and 8 feet high. The SE model is a bit shorter (only 19 feet long) than the others and has a smaller wheel base of 100″, while the other models have a 110″ wheel base. The models also differ in their wingspan (29.4 feet to 31 feet), the canard span (164″ to 188″), and total wing area (121.8 to 145 square feet).

The larger TXL and XL-5 models are quite similar, with a suggested gross weight of 2,900 lbs. The XL is a bit smaller, with a suggested gross weight of 2,800 lbs. There are differences also in the empty weight– an important parameter for the customer, who may want to mobilize his aircraft. Considering this, the SE actually has an advantage in being the smallest: it is very easy to mobilize, since it weighs only 1,300 lbs.

Velocity airplanes can make 1,000 mile cross-country trips, reaching speeds of over 200 mph. Besides four adults, the aircrafts can carry baggage. The airplanes perform best at altitudes of 7,000-12,000 feet. Landing requires a speed of about 85 mph and a 1,500 feet long landing strip. After landing, disembarking is easy, and the passengers do not have to wait for their luggage.

Velocity Aircraft offers a store for additional needs – general merchandise, avionics, and instruments, electrical tools, interior upholstery, engine accessories, installation kits, and more. The kits’ basic prices are $31,950 for the Velocity SE and $42,950 for the Velocity XL (the TXL and XL-5 are upgrades of the XL).

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For more information about Velocity’s aircrafts, see the company’s website.

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