The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Believe it or not- we all are leveraging artificial intelligence like technology in our everyday life. Whether it is about locating the nearby barber shop to a simple order we placed over e-commerce marketplace- AI is somehow involved in it. A report by Statista reveals that the overall AI market will reach 7,35 billion USD by the end of this year. This market will expand up to 89,847.35 million USD by the end of 2025. For those who are willing to grow their career with this advancement can participate in Artificial Intelligence Course and various other resources like blogs, videos, coding platforms etc., accessible over the internet. Here are the upcoming AI trends we can see in the following years.  

Automation fulfilling Disaster Management Demands:

Artificial intelligence- a technology of the Future has already made impossible to possible with its smart moves. Whether it is about chatbots automating the whole customer support or sensors generating millions of dataset covering temperature, pressure and many more attributes, AI is everywhere. AI experts are pushing their efforts to make machines more responsive and attachable to a human heart. The branch of AI which has been predicted with the highest advantage in machine intelligence is Robotics. The powerful robots with complex algorithms can assist human in several ways. All the challenging roads on the human map can be chased by robots. Complex predictions like weather forecasting or any disaster events can be easily recognized and use precautions with proper risk management strategy will be available to deal with such situations.

These robots can deal with the most dangerous situations which are beyond human capability. Robots can perform better in managing city traffic and disaster. Our modern analytics can detect hazardous events and their impact to rescue humans. With rescue apps, we can reach out to whole civilians delivering precautionary messages.

Autonomous Vehicles: A Hard Real-Time System

We have already encountered autonomous vehicles such as Google’s Wyamo and Teslas cars. These self-driving vehicles have emerged as a power source to eliminate the complexities played on a road through human’s fault. Reduction of events like accidents, late delivery, lost and many more is the biggest priority of such vehicles. With self-driving cars achieving complete safety of a person has become possible. Also, its involvement in delivery, military and many more areas has provided its complete potential to bring peace in the advancement journey. We have achieved so much, but this technology is not yet so perfect. It demands improvement so that our whole generation can adopt it blindly. Apart from vehicles, the public transportation sector including buses and trains will also fall under this technology pretty soon.

Gaming Sector will see its complete potential

You must be thinking- what’s the role of AI in gaming sector? Well, you must remember that last FIFA where Germany marked its powerful victory holding the world of a championship. In that match, Germans leveraged the AI and other analytics resources to understand their opponents move. They crunched millions of historical and real-time gaming data to defeat opponents.

When it comes to the decision making-AI is the best option which uses the power of trained models eating qualified data. Once analyzed it will provide you with the most valuable insights from the game making your next move very clear. Currently, researchers and Chelsea FC are participating together to understand a players decision. Here, they will understand what might have happened if a player has done that in order to make quick and accurate decisions.

Better Designs

When it comes down to innovation- designing new components is a very typical phase. artificial intelligence can provide millions of new shapes with qualified configurations in just a few seconds. Big giants like General Motors, Airbus are participating in this fourth industrial revolution to bring pace in humanity. They are using complex AI algorithms to design their parts and many more sensitive components.


Whether it is Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa- they are developed to provide a personalized virtual assistance to you. These smart applications are the outcome of AI and expanding their legs across multiple zones where human require assistance. Currently, whenever when you look for the best restaurant near you, all it requires is just a command. Similarly, the machine learning powered automated chatbots are emerging as a powerful resource to interact with a human through texts or voices. These talkative machines are just not limited to provide customer support, they also inherit critical algorithms for the recommendation, pattern recognition or self- improvement giving a personalized experience to the user. It has been predicted that in our upcoming time, we don’t require to surf websites- the chatbots will be there to accomplish all our tasks. Websites, pizza delivery companies, banks and many other sectors are working hard to get more from this technology.


When there is a rule- there are flaws. When AI was introduced to the common forgery and frauds of the real-world such as in loans, courtroom decision, cyber breach, fraud transactions etc., it identifies their patterns and comes up with a new solution. Yes, our FinTech sector is already into it, at the same, cybersecurity, laws, and many other sectors are looking for a cure for the holes enlarging in their services. The intrusion detection system, the blockchain, decision making and many other processes are enhancing giving us accurate results. In our upcoming years, as more and more devices are getting connected over the internet each day- the circumstance for cyber attacks are also increasing. They all require security and AI can give them that.

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