Where to Sell a Used iPhone 12?

Selling a preowned Apple iPhone 12: How to do it and where to start.

The Apple iPhone 12 is not the latest smartphone model anymore, but it is still a great phone nonetheless. Released in 2020, the model has an attractive design, 5G support, offers excellent performance, and superior cameras. No wonder the iPhone 12 has a decent resale value and is still popular quite among users.

But say you decided to part ways with your iPhone 12, and naturally, you want to get the highest possible price for it. And whether it has minor signs of wear or is in flawless condition, an Apple iPhone 12 is still considered one of the newer smartphone models. As long as it is fully working, expect to receive a reasonable offer on it.

This article will walk you through the process of reselling a used iPhone 12 and offer a few valuation examples based on the exact model and condition of the phone. Also, we have listed some great places to sell iPhone 12 and other electronic devices for top value. 

What is the iPhone 12 Trade-in Value?

Over time, pre-owned iPhones hold a good value, and, being a newer model, the iPhone 12 lineup is no exception. Below you will find a few pricing examples of what you can receive for a used iPhone 12, depending on the condition, storage size, etc.

  • An unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB in flawless condition and fully working can get you up to a $495 offer.*
  • Own an unlocked iPhone 12 128GB in good condition? Expect to sell it for around $252*.
  • An Apple iPhone 12 Pro 512GB in a flawless shape and fully functional yields about $503 cash in your pocket.*

Places to Sell iPhone 12 for Top Value 

You can resort to several options to resell iPhones online, from marketplaces to buyback sites to trade-in programs. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Using a marketplace like eBay to sell your iPhone 12 will help you connect with several potential buyers. However, beware that you need to deal with the whole selling process, such as listing your phone, taking pictures, negotiating with buyers, and shipping. In addition, eBay charges a fee from the total sale amount for using its service. 

On the contrary, you don’t need to pay any fee using Facebook Marketplace. But you would have to go out and meet with the buyers if you list your device locally or pay for the postage cost if you decide to offer your iPhone for sale nationwide. 

But if you are looking for more efficient ways to sell iPhones and other gadgets, then using a buyback service is a smarter choice. An online buyback service is the most hassle-free way to resell your preowned devices because all the service is streamlined and guarantees a quick turnaround. One of those buyback sites is Gadget Salvation. The company guarantees to issue payments within two business days of receiving your iPhone 12 or other electronics. Plus, they offer instant payout via PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. 

As for the trade-in program, most large tech companies have one, including Apple Trade-in–the most popular platform for upgrading iPhones and other Apple gizmos. Any trade-in program allows you to exchange your used Apple device for a store credit. This option is attractive if you want to upgrade to a new device but wish to keep using the same brand. The important thing here is to make sure that the iPhone 12 you are trading in is in good cosmetic and working condition. Apple takes all devices but famously only offers credit for those that are pristine. However, ff your device is not legible for a trade-in, they will still recycle it at no cost to you.

In Conclusion

If and when you decide to sell your iPhone 12, start researching and comparing prices. First, get a few offers from various marketplaces and buyback platforms. After that, figure out whether it makes more sense to sell it for cash or get a credit to upgrade. Lastly, when reselling an iPhone for money, do it before the newer model comes out, not after–that way, you will secure a higher return. 

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