How to Sell a broken MacBook Online

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Getting a new MacBook is costly, especially when in need of a replacement for a broken one when there was no budget for it. Instead of wondering what to do, consider selling your pre-owned MacBook. You will fetch some good money that you can top up to acquire a new laptop. You can make the most value of your broken MacBook by identifying the best way to sell it. 

It’s pointless to leave your old MacBook in the closet and go out looking to buy a new one. Why not Sell broken Macbook and use the money to get a new one? Selling your laptop on reliable middleman sites is a sure way to find help with this kind of need. Do your research and pick the best site, which will give you value for your MacBook. 

Prepare your MacBook for Sale

Even though you are selling an old MacBook, you can still fetch some good price for it. However, there is some preparation required before you can sell it. Here are important things to put into consideration:

  1. Delete personal information and documents. Once you have decided to sell your MacBook, clean it and remove any personal files and information. 
  1. Establish the MacBook Model. Knowing your MacBook will help you quote the right price for it. Get to know the laptop specifications and features to stand a chance of quote the correct price. 
  1. Grade the MacBook’s Condition. To successfully sell your broken MacBook, provide a fair assessment and grading of its current condition. Buyers want to know its condition to decide on the much they are willing to spend on it. 

In your assessment, state its cosmetic value, which is mainly on its external appearance. It can be stated as poor, fair, good, flawless, or brand new. After that, state its functional state, either fully functional or in a defective state. Reseller websites will require this information. 

To state the condition of your MacBook properly, establish whether it is turning on properly. Check the battery condition and ensure that it is also performing as expected. Confirm whether the screen doesn’t have any issues, such as cracks or dead pixels.  

Putting your MacBook up for Sale! 

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Once you have identified the external and internal condition of your broken MacBook, you are now ready to sell it. The options of where to sell it are there, but you must go for the best price. 

You can sell your laptop to an individual, a friend, or sell it online. Selling your broken MacBook online is easy if you understand how it works. You can sell it through social media platforms or e-commerce sites like eBay and Craigslist, among others. These sites get you in touch with prospects. However, you have to do everything on your own – post pictures and make descriptions of your MacBook. 

Be wary of some e-commerce platforms like craigslist, especially because they don’t warranty the people offering to buy your device. MacBooks have high value even when not in good condition. Therefore, this could attract illegitimate buyers. 

Avoid getting scammed by choosing a proper payment procedure. Receive payments in a public place for your safety. You should follow due procedure when sourcing buyers from these sites. Make sure you have already decided how you want to get paid following the sale of your broken MacBook. 

Selling a MacBook through Middleman Site 

There are legit middleman sites that can help you sell your MacBook. These are reliable and professional sites where you can trade in your pre-owned gadgets. Most importantly, they will test your MacBook to determine its condition and give you money for it.  

Middleman sites give you an instant price quotation. If you accept their offer, payment is made safely, directly into your bank, Venmo, or PayPal account within two working days. This service saves you from the tedious listing, arranging for meetups, and shipping fees associated with direct selling elsewhere. 

Sell your Broken MacBook Online Today!

Successful online trading of used gadgets requires a careful plan. Make sure you understand the condition of your MacBook for a reasonable price quote. To make your MacBook presentable, it would be a nice idea to clean it up and delete personal documents. Choose between the available online options to sell your laptop. 

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