Where To Sell Your Preowned Asus Laptop For Top Value?

Take in consideration these factors before to choose a place to resell your used Asus laptop.

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Asus is a big Taiwanese manufacturer of good performance laptops. The company is well-known for offering great reliability, excellent performance, portability and gorgeous designs, in a single compact laptop. Also, the brand is known for its wide selection of laptops, configurations and prices. You’ll find laptops for content creators, students, businesses, everyday users and gamers. Therefore, Asus laptops hold great value on the reseller market.

Below, we will show you some quick tips to prepare your Asus laptop for sale and how to find the most reliable place that pays top dollar for your used device.

Quick Tips Before To Sell Your Asus laptop

If you want to make the most of your Asus laptop, you need to prepare your device for resale. This includes knowing your exact hardware, model number along with the specs. Having all this information helps you to get the most accurate quote from the reseller marketplace. So, make sure to collect the most about your device before selling it for cash.  

As well, you’ll need to back up your laptop using, either Dropbox or an external hard drive, to save all your personal data. Make sure to save all your files, pictures and documents, for example. Don’t forget to sign out your email, apps and other services from your Windows. What’s more, even if it’s a second-hand laptop, your laptop deserves good care, not only to extend its lifespan but to keep it away from dirt. We suggest using a microfiber cloth to clean your screen and body of the laptop.

However, to clean the keyboard you can apply some 90% isopropyl alcohol on cotton swabs to remove small stains for example. In whatever the case, avoid using household cleaners to clean your gadgets.

How To Select The Right Place For Resell?

It is also important to use a reliable vendor when purchasing asus laptops with biometric authentication. Fingerprints, and other data used for verification is considered sensitive.

Several options to sell your preowned laptop or any other electronics are available not only online but in-store. You’ll need to do some research before to select a good and safe place to sell Asus laptops. Below, we listed major factors to consider in a company that needs to comply.

  • How long the company is on the business?
  • Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau? And What’s their BBB grade?
  • Do they have good ratings on TrustPilot? Resellerratings? Facebook?
  • Are they responsive with your queries?
  • Fast turnaround time for your payment
  • Do they offer secure payments?  
  • How fast is their turnaround time for your payment?

Payment: Cash Or Gift Card?

Once you are aware what are the factors the company needs to comply, it’s time to decide what type of payment do you want to accept for trade-in your preowned Asus laptop. There are two main categories, either you sell your preowned Asus laptop through a legit reseller that pays in cash via PayPal or you accept a gift card in exchange for your preloved device. Of course, you can always sell it on your own through Craigslist, but this option requires time to do listing, description, valuations, looking for clients and more.

But which is the best option? We’ll help you to make the decision. On one hand, if you frequently purchased products from a retailer such as Best Buy, for example, the gift card option could be a good option. The Best Buy gift card option gives you credit for future purchase in all Best Buy’s products, whether is electronics or entertainment, for example. On the other hand, if you decide to accept payment in cash via PayPal or Bank Transfer, you don’t have any limits on where and on what you can use that money.  

Where to sell Asus Laptops?

We found two best places where you can sell your Asus laptop with confidence.

Instant quote in cash: Gadget Salvation

It’s an online middleman service that helps users to sell their preowned gadgets such as laptops, smartphones and more, for cash in the most hassle-free way. The company takes charge of valuation, inspection and even shipping fees. Forget worrying about returns, they got you covered.

To sell Asus laptops, enter their site and select the right model along with the specs. As well, answer some questions about your device condition to get an instant quote. Once you accept the purchase offer from them, they’ll send a prepaid UPS shipping label to send you goods. After inspections, you receive your payment within two business days via PayPal, Zelle, Bank Transfer, or by Check. 

E-gift Card for several products: Best Buy

Best Buy has its online and in-store trade-in program; in which you can exchange your old notebook or any other electronics for an e-gift card. To see if your device is eligible to trade-in in store, you’ll need to find it on their online catalog. However, we recommend using the online service to avoid contact, especially during the pandemic.

Find your gadget brand and model on their site and enter information about its condition to get an estimation. Accept the quote and the company will send a shipping kit to safely send your goods. The turnaround time to get your balance through your gift card is around 10-12 days. You can use your electronic gift card to make purchases online or in-store on several Best Buy goods.

Asus Laptop trade-in value: 

Perhaps, the most known series of Asus is the ROG line, which packs the most innovative and hardcore hardware for dedicated gamers. If you happened to have a preowned Asus ROG laptop or any other series, you can sell it with Gadget Salvation fast and pain-free.

Here there are some examples of what you can expect to receive in cash, depending on the model and its configurations, of course.   

*Priced on 04/20/2021. Subject to change.

Bottom Line

Asus laptops have impressive innovations such as dual-screen devices, a large portfolio of models, and good performance machines, especially for gamers and content creators. Certainly, having an Asus laptop in good condition can give you extra dollars, if you want to resell it. If you follow our tips, expect good value for your preowned Asus device.    

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