Easy-Glider X6

The German Company Divio GmbH recently unveiled a new concept-vehicle named Easy-Glider X6. Although the new vehicle looks a bit like a strange hybrid between a scooter and a SegWay, Divio is promoting it as a truly unique creative vehicle. The Easy-Glider allows the driver to turn, twist, perform tricks, and cruise on sidewalks.

According to Divio GmbH, the Easyglider is not intended for recreational purposes only. The vehicle could be used for transportation – instead of a bicycle, a car, or public transportation. The new stylish Easy-Glider X6 was designed with young people in mind.

The Easy-Glider has a small electric motor, which can be charged using a power outlet. An LED display signals the battery status. The Easy-Glider will quickly accelerate as the driver turns the throttle, situated on the handle. The vehicle is also has two separate brakes, a hand-brake for the front wheel and a foot brake for the rear wheels. This separation is meant to improve the driver’s control over the Easy-Glider’s speed. The Easy Glider’s lights do not shine as brightly as motorcycle lights, so it is not recommended to drive at nighttime in areas packed with traffic.

An optional addition is a folding steering bar, which enables the driver to fold the Easy-Glider. Once folded, it measures 50×30 cm, and can be stored away easily. A coated-steel kickstand can be used when parking the Easy-Glider. Two features that add to the vehicle’s safety are a bell and an On/Off switch, which can disable the throttle’s action without turning off the device completely.

Much thought was put into the Easy-Glider’s safety features. Three keys are used to control speed: a green key limits the speed to 6 km/h, a blue key limits the Easy-Glider to a speed of 12 km/h, and a red key limits the speed to 20 km/h. It is hard to predict how successful the Easy-Glider will be. However, it is expected to cost around $1,400, which is about a fourth of the price of a SegWay. This relatively low price may give the Easy-Glider an important advantage.

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For more information on the Easy-Glider see this website.

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