Tong City Bike

NR21 Design has introduced a new concept bicycle, which illuminates itself, ensuring the biker is visible also at night. The bike, designed by Rudi Moosmeier, is called “Tong City Bike” and it just might be the next big thing in China.

The new Tong City Bike is a great solution for the bicycle riders who like to ride at night. The bike is illuminated by integrated light tubes that can be customized to any desired color, making the bike more visible and less likely to be hit by passing cars.

Besides being safe and secure, the bike is low maintenance. There is one housing for the brake system, drivetrain, shock absorbers, and gears. Another gimmick of the Tong City Bike is a mini lockable safe, situated near the middle bar. The idea is to provide a secured storage space for the rider’s wallet, cell phone, and keys.

The bike was developed in order to help solve the congestion and the increasing traffic problems in modern Chinese cities. Besides the advantages of using a clean, non-polluting vehicle, the Tong City Bike offers a stylish, fashionable design. Although the production of the bicycle is currently limited, its developers and designer hope to mass-market it in the future.

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For more information on the Tong City Bike, see NR21 Design’s website.

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