EV-X7 Electric Motorbike

The Japanese company Axle Corporation have created a new model of an electric powered motorbike named EV-X7. The electric motorbike weighs 200 kg (441 lbs.) and can reach speeds of up to 150 kph (90+ mph) using its new “Sumo” hybrid magnetic motor located in its rear wheel.

Due to its purely electric engine, the EV-X7 is completely noiseless and emission-free. Unlike previous attempts to create electric motorbikes, the EV-X7 can go 180 km (112 mi.) on one 6 hour charge (which can even be done at home). Although not exactly a 5 minute pit stop, in future models the recharge time should be cut, making the electric motorbike a green option on two wheels. 

The EV-X7 is not for sale at this stage, but Axle Corporation plans to start selling a mini-scooter version of the magnetic-powered bike next year, priced at about $2100.

For more, see the EV-X7 page on the Axle Corporation website (translated by Google).

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