Transparent Canoe-Kayak

What makes this Canoe-Kayak hybrid special is its ultra-strong transparent polymer hull, which offers its user a glimpse of the underwater world as he rows along. The $1,600 gizmo joins a growing number of maritime vessels with transparent parts that are intended to improve the users’ aquatic experience.

According to the manufacturer of the transparent Canoe-Kayak, the N.Y.-based Hammacher Schlemmer Company, their innovative boat is considerably stronger than many conventional kayaks since it is made of the same material used in cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets. Moving slowly in rocky, shallow waters can be tricky, and in daytime, the transparency of the hull may help increase the effectiveness of one’s maneuvers. The manufacturer also claims that the craft displaces a greater amount of water, generating more surface stability, while the low paddler’s seat also assists in achieving better balance.

The boat has a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, which can easily be stored or transported to and from the water. The kayak is 33.5 inches wide, 133 inches long, and is 11 inches deep; it weights 40 pounds and has a maximum capacity of 425 pounds.

TFOT recently covered the LOOKER – a different, much larger glass-bottomed boat, which allows its passengers to view the underwater sea life as they sail. Other innovative marine vessels covered by TFOT include the UH-19XRW universal hovercraft- which can be considered to be a combination between a boat, an airplane and a hovercraft, The SeaPhantom – which was developed by the Florida-based International Maritime Flight Dynamics company, on the basis of NASA’s Lifting-Body Airfoil design, and the Floating City concept – designed to carry 100,000 people and to host a commercial airport.

More information on the transparent Canoe-Kayak can be found on the Hammacher Schlemmer website.

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