Supercar on Water

The XSR48 speedboat, described as a supercar on water, is a luxury powerboat with supercar looks. With two powerful bi-turbo diesel engines or twin petrol engine ranging from 1410 to 2400 horse power (hp) and a range of 345 miles/555 kilometers, the XSR48 can boost a supercar acceleration to match its stunning appearance. The XSR48 will be manufactured by the XS Marine Group at the internationally renowned Berthon Shipyard in Lymington, U.K. and will be sold at a price of just over 1,000,000 British Pounds.

The XSR48 has been developed as a collaboration of several world-class designers and construction partners, including hull designer Fabio Buzzi, award winning super-yacht designers Redman Whiteley Dixon, and the world’s leading expert on composite marine structures – High Modulus. Over 55,000 man hours were put into the development of the XSR48, with designers, naval architects, craftsmen and engineers exploring every aspect of the hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, aesthetics, ergonomics, propulsion, power and performance.

The XSR48 is the result of the experience and proven success of Ian Sanderson and Peter Dredge, founders of XS Marine Group. Sanderson and Dredge, who have broken 11 world records together, won the world’s toughest powerboat racing championship in 2001 (The European Endurance Championship) and have been awarded the prestigious RYA ‘Yachtsman of the Year’ award no-less than three times.

Depending on the engine choice, the XSR48 will be able to reach a top speed of 109mph/175kph and will cost a bit more than 1-million British Pounds – quite a bargain.

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For further information about the XSR48 please see the XS Marine Group website or watch the video showing the powerboat’s performances.

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