Glass Bottom Boat

The Russian company Paritetboat has developed a unique glass bottomed boat. The boat, named LOOKER, comes in various sizes and includes a huge 2X3 meters spheroid window made of 15mm-thick modified acrylic which Paritetboat claims is even stronger than the fiberglass of which the boat’s hull is composed.

Although conventional glass-bottomed boats are used for underwater sightseeing, they are usually slow and most of the excursion time is spent on reaching the sites. For this reason, the conventional boats have a relatively small range and often do not reach many interesting sites. In contrast, the LOOKER’s hydrofoil and aerodynamic shape allow it to reach a speed of up to 40 knots, while maintaining a minimum level of fuel consumption (about 4.7 mpg according to the company – very high for a 30ft speed boat).

The LOOKER is already in use for recreational purposes in various places across the world. From the Arab Emirates to Barbados these ships carry up to 24 people to some of the world’s most magnificent diving locations.

There has been an overall increase in the development of advanced commercial sea vessels in recent years. Many new types of marine vehicles have been developed in addition to the LOOKER boat, including the personal U-Boat by Worx and the Sea Orbiter concept.

More information on the LOOKER boat can be found on Paritetboat’s website.

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