Personal U-Boat

Your own personal U-Boat – developed by U-Boat Worx, this small sub is based on a unique concept called the “Underwater Boat”.

The concept combines the characteristics of a submersible -“the underwater (U-) part”, with those of a normal vessel -“the Boat part”. It can dive directly to its maximum depth of 50 meters and stay there for hours, limited only by the life support system and the electrical power supply. The personal U-Boat comes in two models of different colors, which can fit either one (blue) or two (yellow) occupants. The net weight of the two-occupant sub, which can carry a payload of 200 kg, is 1650 kg. The U-Boat cruises at a speed of 4 knt (knots; i.e., a speed of 7.6 km/hr or 4.6 miles/hr) both under and above water.

More information on the personal U-boat can be found here.

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