SeaPhantom Supership

The Florida based company International Maritime Flight Dynamics developed a new prototype ship named SeaPhantom. This unique looking vessel is based on NASA’s Lifting-Body Airfoil design and using a special hydrodynamic lifting surfaces provide the controller with smooth sailing in variable sea conditions.

The SeaPhantom has built-in stability systems including fly-by-wire control systems (similar to that used in many advanced aircrafts) which helps control the ship using several computers. The SeaPhantom current prototype is 1750 pounds (800 kg) has a 30′ loa x 12’6 boa and can carry five passengers at a top speed of 85 knots (100 mph / 160 km/h). Future models might include a larger engine (the current one is 300 horsepower @9000 rpm) a faster top speed (up to 150 knots) and the ability to carry dozens of passengers.

The SeaPhantom has some attractive capabilities which might appeal to the military. Its high speed advanced steering, low fuel consumption and its use of what is known as ground effect, makes for a smoother ride at almost any sea condition. The SeaPhantom is especially appealing for seal teams which require a quick maneuverable ride which can operate close to shore. More importently the SeaPhantom is stealthy – it has a low radar cross section and combined with its high speed and extreme maneuverability it should make for a very hard to hit target. Future models might also allow carrying of advanced weaponry such as ship-to-ship, sea-to-surface, sea-to-air systems, and even several internally deployable, 85-knot armed drone crafts.

Civilian models of the SeaPhantom should run for around 400,000-$600,000, depending on the model specifications, although currently the SeaPhantom is still in development stages and is not up for sale.

More information on the SeaPhantom can be found on International Maritime Flight Dynamics website.

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